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Security System and CCTV Surveillance:

Security System and CCTV Surveillance:

Security Systems are to keep burglars away from your property by monitoring professionally through CCTV cameras. CCTV Installation London Provides the facility of securing your commercial and domestic areas by giving you the service of CCTV Installation and other security system installation. The need for CCTV surveillance is increasing day by day, and as the demand rises, the variety of products also increases.

What is CCTV?

CCTV cameras are used for security purposes. CCTV stands for Closet-Circuit Television. The visual footage of CCTV  is for displaying on Specifically chosen screens. It plays the role of two extra eyes for you and gives you peace of mind. Its security features are increasing over time. Installing CCTV at your property is a smart move.

How does it work?

CCTV cameras work by creating footage. This footage is sent to saving files and then displayed on a specific monitor, allotted for surveillance. CCTV can be connected with the system through wires and can be working through signals and wireless. These cameras are placed in places like front doors to prevent crimes.

Benefits of CCTV Surveillance:

CCTV surveillance is beneficial for the following purposes:

  • Keeping burglars away
  • Easy to recognize a person who committed a crime
  • Catch and prevent theft from employees
  • For keeping track of progress in business
  • Capturing evidence
  • Securing home when you are outside
  • Property manager gain insight and control facility
  • Monitoring Vandalism
  • Preventing shoplifting
  • Screeing movements in high-security areas
  • Provide protection

Types of CCTV Cameras:

There are different types of CCTV Cameras for you to choose between 

  • Bullet Cameras:

Bullet cameras can be placed on walls. Its shape allows it to work with a larger lens showing a more extended area range. This camera is perfect for monitoring long distances. Its zooming ability makes it ideal for outdoors.

  • Dome Cameras:

Dome shape cameras are perfect for indoor monitoring and attached to the ceilings to provide a broader view. These cameras are ideal for restaurants and banks.

  • PTZ Cameras:

This camera’s shape is similar to dome cameras, but it provides the facility to work with an app Movements of this camera can be controlled with apps. It offers a 360-degree view.

Other benefits are:

  • 200m IR night vision
  • X36 optical zoom
  • High-quality image resolution
  • Box Cameras:

These cameras are perfect for outdoor, especially in rough weather.

These are some mainly used cameras, but some other types of cameras are also available in the market, such as Thermal cameras, License plate reader cameras, and many more

CCTV System Cost:

The CCTV cameras with more wires are expensive to install as they can need expensive wires and cables, so the installation of signal base cameras are cheaper.

Factors Need to be considered:

Three main factors need to be considered are

  • The Correct Lens:

The correct lens will help focus correctly on a quality image and have a more detailed picture that can help in every situation as it helps concentrate even minor details.

  • The correct sensor:

Two things are essential for the correct sensor. The type and size

  • CMOS
  • CCD
  • The correct output resolution:

The picture is better when the pixels are better, so a camera with high out[ut resolution are necessary

Typical Locations of Installation of CCTV Cameras:

  • Drive gates
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Front entrance
  • Garage
  • Outdoor pool area
  • Side areas
  • Drive court
  • Hallways

CCTV Cloud Storage:

CCTV cloud storage provides you with the facility of online document or footage saving option. This facility can help in finding files with one click and allows us to restore deleted data. One copy is always stored in the cloud storage, and you can get it whenever you want.

CCTV Cameras for business:

In business, CCTV cameras are used for the following purposes.

  • Crime deterrent
  • Monitor activities
  • Reduced retail theft
  • Eliminate fraudulent insurance claim
  • Provides staff protection

CCTV Cameras  for home:

In-home, CCTV cameras are used for the following purposes.

  • For keeping a check on the front door
  • Taking care of other
  • Placed in babies room for check
  • In kitchen 
  • In Garage for safety 
  • On back doors 

In Favour of CCTV Cameras:

  • Surveillance cameras in public places provide public safety
  • Protects against property theft
  • Provides a crucial piece of evidence against crime
  • Criminals commit less crime where there is a CCTV camera 
  • Gives you the zooming feature to keep check closely
  • It gives you the chance to recognize the face of some criminal out there.

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