same day screen repairs

Have you broken your phone screen?

Have you been meaning to get your device looked at for a while now, but just haven’t made it that far into the calendar year without breaking it? Do mobile screens and their rates of shattering surprise you when they do break? There are many reasons why smartphones break and the same is true in regards to what causes them to break. Screen repair is a necessary service for many people. Here we will discuss some of the common causes of broken mobile devices and provide tips on how to avoid such pitfalls with your smartphone or tablet.

First, there’s gravity. It can be an awkward friend; always making its presence known when we least expect it. Phones tend not to fall from popular places like top shelves, so it’s obvious that the gravity aspect only pertains to surfaces. Gravity is a factor in most broken devices, but perhaps not directly. For example, it’s possible an individual may drop their phone on a surface and then a small chip forms a crack that slowly makes its way across the entire screen. It can happen slowly or quickly depending on severity of damage and if you’ve dropped your phone multiple times without protection, you probably know what we mean by “slowly.”

Second, there is water. There are many ways in which liquids make their way into phones and cause breakage including: rainfall/snowfall (running from weather), spills from drinks or bathtubs/showers, humidity while things are left in pockets for extended periods of time, and more. In some cases devices can be saved from water damage if they are dried off quickly enough.

Third, there is mishandling. Even the most careful person can “drop” a phone or tablet accidentally from time to time. Accidents happen! If you believe that dropping your mobile device was not your fault here is how you might save it: immediately turn the phone off/remove batteries as soon as possible after a drop has occurred, take a look at all external parts for any potential cracks/scratches/etc., and look on the inside for any liquids or any major damage to components on the motherboard or on other parts of the device. Finally, consider completing screen repair as soon as possible because even if there are no apparent problems, phones can begin to act funny after an accident, perhaps due to internal parts being slightly off-kilter!

Finally, there’s the phone/device itself. Sometimes they just stop working or don’t work well. This is usually a sign that your mobile device needs repair and not necessarily screen repair. For example, if you have water damage but your device doesn’t turn on it makes sense to send it in for water damage assessment before completing same day screen repair . Again same day screen repair may still be necessary depending on what type of device you have. Some devices cannot undergo same day screen repairs because certain components would need replacing first which could take days rather than hours to complete.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.