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Eating something is a very cumulative experience. It involves all your senses and sans one, you are sure to be left bereft of the whole experience. Eating well is more than just some tasty food. Eating well involves looking at it, experiencing the textures, getting a good whiff of it and then finally letting your taste buds feel them. There are many ways to serve food but let’s see how some of the top restaurants serve their food or provide food delivery.

Shot glasses for finger food

It is a simple and clean way of serving dips for finger foods. In fact, if done right, the whole item can be served in a tiny shot glass. We have seen some high-end restaurants serving caviar in oddly shaped shot glasses to get that unique look. Caviar is a rich item and serving it right only adds to its beauty. But you can do them with everyday food items too! Try serving pita sticks and hummus in such glasses or a coulis to go with a dessert. You can also make deconstructed desserts by serving the ganache or soufflé in the shot glass and the pastry around it.

Impale it!

It doesn’t sound too good, but it looks absolutely mouthwatering. Just as you would put in a skewer in a kebab, try putting in just about everything over a skewer. You can use this for salads, toffees, fruits, cherry tomatoes, and cheese or just about anything that you can think of. Ensure that you don’t put items that can break apart or crumble easily (like Feta cheese) through the stick.

Natural Bowls

These trends are pretty big in every classic restaurant. People use coconut shell, lemon bowls, orange bowls, watermelon shells, etc. to serve their favorite items. Fruit shells can only be used to serve sweet items; however, coconut shells can be used to serve soups and other savory items as well. Just make sure the items that you have decided to serve are of a fitting flavor profile of what you are serving it in.

Serve it in a spoon

Take a deep serving spoon and serve finger food in it. Not only is it mess-free, it is also easy to consume and gives you the ability to add enough sauce to the item. Say, for instance, you want to add a dash of tobacco to the canapé for it to taste really good, but not everyone would know that. So, you can serve it on a spoon and add everything that you want to in that spoon.

Take out boxes

This is probably the safest way to do the serving. If you use an app like deliveroo or any other food delivery on demand app, then you will get your order in small take away boxes. They are convenient and also don’t require any cleaning later. Having said that, you have to be careful that you order from a good food delivery on demand app. they will pack your food well. Sometimes the other companies don’t deliver the food in the right condition. Things spilling into other things and food mixing up aren’t a sight that you want to show your guests.

Fork it Out

Another really interesting way to serve food is to stick a fork in them. Not the large heavy ones, but the smaller lighter ones. These forks will act as perfect tools to lift the food and eat it while also ensuring that the eater’s hands aren’t soiled.

Get the Mirror Off the Wall

This one might sound bizarre but it actually looks beautiful. Especially in times when the food you are about to serve is a little less, then serving it on top of a mirror makes the food look amplifies and more in quantity while looking absolutely spectacular. People are definitely going to talk about what you are offering on those mirrors because they would have never seen something like that happen before.


Thick bottomed spirit glasses or wine glasses are the perfect replacement for dessert bowls. Try serving deconstructed pies in wine goblets or a chocolate ganache in a beautiful champagne flute. They look exquisite, rich and luxurious.


Yes, it does sound whacky, but what is experimental food if you don’t experiment on the crockery then what’s the point of the whole thing. People will be shocked and awed at the same time. You can even use an edible chalk to write a personal message on the platter.

Earthen Pots

There is a very different elegance to anything that comes out in rustic earthen pots. If you want to add a little more pizzazz to it, then try painting it. However, in our opinion, the rustic mud baked look is the best one. When piping hot steam comes out of these pots, your food will get a different aroma altogether.

Start your own Food delivery business

If you find that you love food and like to pay extra attention to the way food is served, it is perhaps time for you to start your own business. You can start your own on demand food delivery app business by simply purchasing a deliveroo clone.

In order to do this, you will first have to scour the internet for a decent food delivery application. We say scour because there are too many companies out there that offer these services. You have to be absolutely sure that you invest in an app that solves your purpose and caters to the kind of requirement that you have.

Do a little research and try to find out what is the best solution as per your region. Please understand that the internet is an international space. But you will be launching your app in an actual place with people and local preferences. Ensure that your app is such that it can look after these needs for you to be successful.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.