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Why would you buy wool socks for the summer? It seems like it’s an insane idea; your feet are already warm, so why add wool to the mix? The properties of wool make it the chosen summer sock of outdoor enthusiasts. Socks made with such fabric are usually used in camping, trekking and other outdoor activities. This fabric is comparatively thinner than other fabrics available in the market. Wool socks are the best thing for your feet, no matter what time of year, because of the benefits that many people consider in the winter, but not other times of the year. Owing to its quality and versatility, Merino wool socks are highly valued by designers. Here are several great reasons why you should choose wool socks this summer.

Wool socks are breathable:

The fine, spindly fibres of wool socks create small air pockets which enable socks to breathe. These breathable socks do not let your socks and feet smell. The main reason behind the wool has antioxidant properties that can restrict odours even after multiple uses, whether hiking, running, mountain climbing, etc.

They act as thermostats:

They regulate your overall body temperature to keep your feet cool and dry during the summer and keep your feet warm and dry during the winter by absorbing moisture through the fabric structure. The fabric structure is generally formed from several types of wool, including some parts of nylon, polyester and spandex. Wick effectively removes the moisture as fibres are denser and have more surface area to capture and release the water to ensure that your feet do not get wet and overheat.

The socks are extremely soft:

The wool comes from sheep, which are specially bred to get their soft wool. The sheep’s wool fibres grow long and spindly, unlike other varieties of sheep with short wool fibre. These long ends allow short ends to touch your feet so the socks cannot itch. As a result, you get all-day comfort.

They are lightweight

There are many heavier fabrics available in the market, but the special and best wool socks are lighter than you expect. The fine and dense wool replaces bulk with lightness prized by outdoor enthusiasts. Lots of different styles and fabrics are available depending upon your choice.

They are durable:

Because merino wool fibres are finer than other wool fibres, more of them can be used in the sock fabric. The high-density combination of fibres resist active individuals’ everyday wear and tear due to their increased strength and so last longer. They are great for multiple-day trips, enabling you to pack lighter without the frustration of wet, dirty socks.


These socks are 100% sustainable. The sheep are docked once or twice every year, after which their coat naturally grows. A specialist shear can pluck the wool without prompting any pain to the sheep. Moreover, rest assured that the fabric is environmentally friendly.


Merino wool would be an ideal socks fabric choice as it’s considered one of the best wool socks globally. Merino wool comes from merino sheep from Spain and is found in New Zealand and Australia. As compared to cotton and most synthetic fabrics, they act as good temperature controllers. They work as an insulator in the winters and keep your feet toasty. So even in the summer, they would be an ideal choice. These socks have excellent moisture-drying capabilities and help you keep dry in a workout session. The fabric is also lighter, tougher and highly sustainable than its equivalents.

Final words

Now, you may make your mind clear about which wool socks are suitable for your winters and summers simultaneously. These socks are good enough for your trekking, camping or any other heavy activities. These are unique, and quality fabrics, and they would be an ideal choice. In addition, their moisture-absorbing and smell restricting features make them ideal wear while going outside for an adventure.

Also, make sure to wash them in cold water; try to avoid warm water. Use soap; avoid using bleach or softener. Try to do dry-cleaning and read all the instructions carefully on a label. At last, it’s highly recommended to wear these socks for daily use.

By Anurag Rathod

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