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The packaging industry is a huge economic generator on a global scale. Some statistics indicate that the demand for the world packaging industry will reach up to one trillion dollars in a couple of years or so. Packaging is a term for the technology and design work going into protecting or enclosing every kind of commodity destined for storage, shipment, transportation and sale. It also takes in the marketing efforts of the manufacturers. The way companies package their products signifies their brand. It is an essential part of their business model, next to producing a first rate product. Your package is the touch point between your company and the consumers. So it is worth investing in your packaging design. Practicality and usefulness are the aspects to be kept in mind while designing your product box. The trends related to product packaging designs change every year. In this article, we will talk about some of the top 2021 packaging designs and their success.

Packaging Dressed in Fine Art

In 2021, you may encounter a lot of packaging designs where the packaging is a complete piece of art. This trend is gaining popularity with the expensive products, but one can see it in mid-range products too like custom donut boxes. The designers are getting inspiration from the paintings and art works, and making them the focal points in their designs or integrating them playfully into them. The purpose is to bring close to the domains of fine art and packaging design by showing that anything, even the custom donut boxes can be beautiful and unique. This trend largely draws inspiration from abstract painting and fluid painting techniques. 

Simplistic Geometry

Another of the trends you will be coming across in 2021 is designs that make use of extremely simple yet bold geometric concepts. You will see bold geometry with sharp edges, neat lines and demonstrative colors. Pretty much like the pattern trend, this trend provides the customers a look at what the good stands for. But these designs are extremely abstract, unlike the patterns and illustrations which indicate what’s inside the box. At the first look this might seem very simplistic, but it actually is an extremely impactful way for the companies to make a statement and leave a strong and lasting impression. You can introduce square shaped custom donut boxes with sharp corners and expressive colors.

Authentically Vintage Designs

The packaging with vintage inspired design has been a trend for a while now, so what’s new this year. In fact, the unboxing looks such an authentic experience that you’ll think you travelled in time. You’ll see a packaging with a genuinely old-school look and feeling, that is taking things further by creating a fully immersive experience.  These packages look indistinguishable from something your grandmother would have used. This means going beyond the labels and logos and using the textures, bottles, materials and packaging which is vintage-inspired. It is a magnificent way to arouse the consumers and connect them with their heritage. They are mostly used to pack alcoholic drinks, fashion items, perfumes and some hand-made products.

Minimalist Packaging Designs

Many conscientious customers prefer the goods that don’t have extraneous packaging and protection. Minimalist packaging is especially popular among such consumers. This trend is more famous in the food packaging industry. Consumers appreciate the simplicity of minimalist packaging. This trend affects the product labels because the consumers resist the information overload. The minimalist design provides a comfort to eyes amidst the bombardment of bright and brash packaging. Designing the custom donut boxes in a minimalist fashion won’t only grab the attention of the customers but it will make your brand outshine the shelves. It creates a strong impression and lets the packaging speak for itself. 

Transparency and Clean Labels

Presenting the information in a concise and transparent manner is another strong trend in 2021. It’s all about honesty and trust between your company and customers. In today’s world, the customers have easy access to all the information, so they can better educate themselves about the product choices. Transparency means that the manufacturers are open and honest about what the products contain. When a product is packaged in a way that makes the ingredients information clear and concise, it increases trust in the brand name.

Sustainable Packaging

The green movement seems to carry itself through 2021 and beyond. The companies which deal with the packaged products need to join this wave. It’s about being environmentally responsible through sustainable packaging and eco-friendly products. The companies are rapidly converting to sustainable packaging made from natural and biodegradable materials such cardboard and hemp. Others are focusing on using smaller packaging for the products. These are the times of increasing environmental concerns. The consumers are willing to pay more for the brands that have environmentally friendly policies. The food packaging companies are more inclined towards this trend.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.