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A portable oxygen concentrator or POC can be described as a medical device that is designed for people who suffer from a lower level of oxygen. Using a portable oxygen concentrator is very simple. You just need to have an electrical outlet to plug it into.

In the absence of an electrical outlet, you can use a battery to run it. When the battery gets exhausted, you will be required to charge it. Since adapters are provided with a large number of portable oxygen concentrators, you can use the machine while being on the move as well. You will come across many companies that offer portable oxygen concentrators on rent.

How Does a POC Work?

Portable oxygen concentrators have a well-defined mechanism that works towards receiving air, getting it purified and distributing it. Air largely comprises of nitrogen and a little bit of oxygen. After it passes through the concentrator, the air you receive mostly features oxygen and a negligible amount of nitrogen.

To put it simply, a portable oxygen concentrator segregates the nitrogen to ensure the user gets a large amount of oxygen. Without seeking the help of a medical device of this nature, it is a little difficult to receive a higher percentage of oxygen.

Benefits of Using a POC

Before doing inquiries like checking a portable oxygen concentrator’s price, you should know exactly why you need it. If you make yourself aware of its different features and functionalities, you can put it to the best possible use.

Better Sleep

When an individual is sleeping during the night or some other time during the day, their oxygen saturation levels drop to an extent. Even people who have very healthy lungs suffer from this. If you already suffer from some form of chronic lung disease or COPD, you might have to go through transient nocturnal desaturation. This, in turn, would adversely affect your sleep and lead to several health issues as well.

If you are struggling to sleep properly or peacefully, you should reach out to a doctor. The doctor would, most likely, conduct an oximetry test and try to trace the origin of your problem. They could recommend you to opt for supplemental oxygen therapy. When you go for this therapy, you would be required to use a portable oxygen concentrator.

Convenient Usage

You might have faced some difficulties while using a full-fledged oxygen concentrator. Operating a portable oxygen concentrator, however, is extremely simple and convenient. Initially, you could get a little confused at seeing a bunch of buttons, wires and switches. However, once you get a hang of it, you will not face any issues.

It is important to opt for a brand that manufactures POCs that are very easy to use and manage. One of the things you should look for while buying a POC is its control panel. It should have a clean interface that is easy to understand. The batteries are usually lightweight and you should not face any challenges while changing them.


One of the biggest advantages of investing in an oxygen concentrator that is portable is that it offers great mobility. Whether you are going for a drive with your family or have planned a picnic with friends, you should not have any concerns about how you will accommodate the device.

Even if you are dependent on a POC on a regular basis, you don’t have to make any changes to your everyday schedule to make time to use it. You must remember that POCs come in different sizes and will have the freedom to choose the one that works well for you.


Though portable oxygen concentrators are not very expensive, you do have the option of getting them for rent as well. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with a portable oxygen concentrator on rent, you should get in touch with LG Respicare.

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