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Now, what is actually a PopSocket? Well, PopSocket is a rubberized grip that can be attached at the back of your smartphone. You can easily expand it and can hold the socket’s grips in between the two fingers. PopSocket helps will help you to let your thumb free to tap the camera button. It comes in many designs and even in solid colors, you can get it of custom designed PopSocket from its official webpage. It usually functions as a bendy straw or a mini-accordion on the back of your smartphone. You can easily stick, pull it out and pop it out from the tiny circle to get a perfect grip on your smartphone while clicking photos, videos, and many more things. Check popsocket reviews.

How Does It Work?

PopSocket is made up of almost 90% of plastic, even at the back of the socket, it is coated with a plastic film. That plastic film is protection cover of the sticky part of the PopSocket, after pealing it off you can stick it on the back of your smartphone. It sticks very hard as the adhesive is way much strong and that is why the PopSocket never comes out not even accidentally.

It can help you out in many ways and the most basic one is clicking pictures. You can click selfies without any obstruction. You can use your smartphone as a torch and spotting things through light becomes much easier. As you can hold your device with the solid grip through PopSocket.

You can stick two PopSockets to use it as your earbud cord wrapper. Just wrap your earphone wire all around your PopSockets and get rid of the wire mess. You can use them as a kickstand to record your own blogging videos, can use is while video calling, and for many more other things. For pulling it once, it will become a phone griper and if pulling twice, it will become your phone kickstand.

PopSocket reviews and disadvantages

  • PopSocket’s Stickiness

Everything is perfect but one thing very annoying about it. Whenever you will take out from your devices, you will feel the stickiness at the back of your phone which actually make your device look bad. It even gives the impression of its glue in circle form.

The smartphone whose back is made up of aluminum, they can remove the glue easily but whose smartphone’s back is of glass, it made get difficult for you to remove it.

  • PopSocket Or Back Cover

PopSocket easily sticks on the back of your smartphones and it even sticks on many hardback covers. But, the problem arises when your device’s back cover is of rubber or silicon. Most of the times the PopSocket do not stick of these soft materialized back covers. Also, they get off from them while using it in clicking photos which drops the device and can even damage it.

The Last Verdict about popsocket reviews

Well, PopSockets are actually better than Style Rings as it gives so many options from just one simple thing. But, it also a few minor flaws that will not create a big concern. So, choose your own design of PopSocket and use in the way you like it.

By Anurag Rathod

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