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Basic Review of Pinterest For Better Usage

Basic Review of Pinterest For Better Usage

Do you know what is Pinterest? It may is obvious answer question for many people all around the world. But for most of them, Pinterest is like a digital magazine where an individual can pin their visual interest and can make their own magazine. Traditionally, people use to cut out the pictures from newspapers and magazines and stick on to their handmade craft book.

Pinterest is somewhat similar to that manually made craft book. It is like making a complete recipe by adding a various ingredient in one place. Well,  is not only good for personal use, but it also helps in business planning, office presentations, graphical presentation and much more. It even helps in creating infographics through which public understand the scenarios easily. People do like the visual presentation as they are very eye-catching. It is one of the best platforms to spread information to the people that a formal text cannot. But, as you know nothing can be perfect in this world. The same thing applies to Pinterest too, it is obvious that has many advantages but it also has disadvantages.

Pinterest reviews

Let’s get started with the pros and cons of the Pinterest


  • Very much inspirational in real life. If a person wants to become or want to achieve something in their life, Pinterest will not be getting behind in inspiring. People can pin down those images or videos that make them think about their life goal. Also, they can even organize their board with different format files.
  • It is beautifully fun to imagine about those things that you want in your future.  A perfect platform to find those things with millions of varieties. You can add them to your board and can keep them safe. In future, if you get a chance to owe that same thing, at least you can select your favorite design and color.


  • It is rare to see that mostly the visual recipes found on the Pinterest are of no use. 60% of the data in the form of images and videos are uninspiring for huge amount audience on this platform. Most of the pictures are of those that do not even exist of earth and will never be. Well, this not Pinterest is made up for. However, it is not the mistake of It is the users that upload non-existing object’s pictures on their boards. Still, Pinterest should take stick actions against these irrelevant things that are distracting audiences from reality.
  • It is more addictive than Netflix. To be very honest, people are wasting their time in just pin one picture on their board. For searching out one picture, people are surfing review of Pinterest for hours. Due to billions of pictures, GIF as well as videos, users are unconditionally attracted to their boards.

Final Thoughts on Pinterest Reviews

Well, every single thing has some of the other drawbacks and same it with Pinterest. But still, one of the best visual pinning platforms for the people who like to save each and every memory to get themselves inspired. This was a complete review of the Pinterest, further, it is your decision to follow it or not.

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