Delivery with ride booking app

Taxi apps are one of the most trending businesses in the app world these days. People from all over the world have started relying on one app or another for booking their rides and hailing cabs. Gone are the days of waiting on the pavement and hitching ride or begging to a yellow cab to stop. With new technology, one can simply pull out their smartphones and book ride instantly in the vehicle of their choice.

This segment is getting so competitive that different apps are offering unique options such as choice of car in regular, economy or premium segment with hatchbacks, sedans or luxury SUVs. Now whether you want to arrive in your office in a Mercedes Benz or a tiny hatchback is your choice entirely.

The Digital Influx

The app market is certainly abuzz with all sorts or apps these days. Whether you wish to find out more about your horoscope, listen to some music, whip up a delicious batch of cookies or get a taxi to wherever you wish to go, there is an app to take care of it.

The problem, however, arises when there are way too many apps catering to the same issues. So if there is a certain kind of service required and there are about 40 apps that offer said service, how will a customer choose which one to go for?


This is where innovation and additional services count. If an app gives you something EXTRA, you will definitely go for it. Of course, there is the matter of paid and Free apps, but really, the more important thing is whether the particular app can give something unique. Something that no other app company is being able to fulfill. This is what draws downloads.


The ride plus delivery app is a unique blend of an app that enables not just parcel delivery but also taxi booking for any kind of travel. What this means is that when the user opens the app, he or she will be presented with two options:

A: Book a taxi ride

This option is for the people who wish to book a ride. It is a simple taxi option that will enable the people to book a taxi ride with the click of a button.

B: Book a parcel delivery

This option is for those people who want to get their parcel delivered. The app will have a button on clicking which the app will take you to a page where the users can put in their specific parcel delivery and parcel pick up location.

When someone wishes to book a taxi ride, they can simply click on this option and continue using the app just as they would a normal Taxi application. But if they want to get their parcel delivery, they will have to click on the parcel delivery option.

When they do this, they will have to mention specifics of the parcel in terms of its shape and size. This app allows independent vehicle owners to register to offer their services. This means anyone with a vehicle regardless of whether it is a bicycle or a truck can register in it. This also allows users to get any kind of parcel delivered, whether an envelope or even a bag of cement.

What kind of vehicles can this app take?

This is a very dynamic app. Therefore the range of used vehicles in the app is quite huge. This is because small items that are close by are deliverable on foot and large items like bags of cement need trucks.

This app will allow people to deliver and receive get just about anything from one place to another while giving a taxi option. So, when the app opens, there are two options out of which the user has to choose the one that they want.

Choosing the taxi option will show the users taxis available for example, Luxury Cars, Budget Cars, Sedans etc. If you choose the option of delivery then you will get to see all the modes of transport for delivery. Based on the requirement you will have to choose the vehicle. For example, If you need to get a packet of sandwiches delivered from the next block, you can choose a bicycle. But if you need to get a washing machine delivered, you will probably have to choose a truck.


In today’s time, this seems to be the most commercially viable option. There are too many options available on the internet. But you have to be careful about the choice that you make. This application offers services to people looking for taxis and for people who want things moved around.

It might seem like a new concept, but remember the early bird catches the worm. This is why taking the first step in the industry is going to be very important. The one that sets foot during the initial phases earns the trust of the people. So he is successful in setting up a long-term viable business option.

This app also happens to be an extremely commercially viable business option. As it offers more than simply taxi booking options, the app favorite by more users than usual. The ride + delivery app allows the app owner to earn a commission every time the app is used for booking either a ride or a delivery.

As more and more app owners get drawn to this lucrative business option. The number of companies that offer such apps has also increased. However, in case you are planning to begin your own business ride plus delivery app, ensure that you buy from a legitimate company offering you the best deal.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.