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Different brands and companies hire digital marketing servicesoffered by adigital marketing agency to reach and engage with their target audience. A clear and in-depth understanding of paid and organic marketing can make a difference, attract traffic towards your website and increase conversions.

Before we dive into the discussion about which one is better – Paid vs. Organic marketing, let us understand each of these marketing methods in detail. Even though both these marketing methods can work in tandem, it is still essential to know about the differences between them to leverage their power in the best possible way.    

Organic Marketing

It is a marketing method that generates results by drawing traffic towards your website, landing pages and other online assets. Also, better known as inbound marketing, this marketing tactic focuses on SEO to bring users to your website through search engine results when they search for relevant keywords and topics related to your content.

Besides SEO, content marketing also forms an essential part of organic marketing. Inbound marketing depends on creating valuable, informative, relevant, and engaging content to attract, nurture, and convert target audiences. Apart from the content factor, it also comprises word-of-mouth messaging.

When your loyal customers share authentic company information, testimonials or reviews – in this way, they are promoting your brand, which in turn attracts new customers to your website. To get organic services for your brand or company’s promotion, then you can take the help of a reputed organic SEO company in your locality.


  • It doesn’t cost you a fortune
  • Helps in establishing a solid marketing foundation
  • Helps in building healthy relationship with customers
  • Provides high ROI
  • It is not disruptive unlike paid ads that pop-up, i.e., instead, it is helpful and desired
  • People trust organic results to paid advertising results


  • It takes a lot of time and effort to get desired results
  • Can’t distribute your content as per demographics, age groups or basis of any criteria
  • Difficult to gain control over what your competitor does, your history and Google’s updates

Paid Marketing

In this marketing method, companies pay the publisher a specific amount to publish ads for their business. Created ads are targeted towards a specific audience and pave the way for conversion. One main thing about paid marketing is that it is more direct and transactional when compared to organic marketing and delivers immediate results.

One example of paid marketing is PPC management services. These services include the process of overseeing, managing and keeping track of the company’s PPC ad spend. Make the most out of your PPC campaign by considering the professional services of a PPC management company if you are not well-versed with PPC.


  • Create brand awareness and expand customer reach
  • Helps in tracking the source of sales
  • Paid ads let you measure ROI straightforward
  • Paid ads deliver results in a short time and are easy to setup
  • Helps to boost organic marketing efforts


  • It can at times prove expensive before you see significant ROI for your investment
  • It requires a lot of thoughtful planning and research before you invest in any campaign
  • Requires in-detail understanding of paid advertising platforms
  • Requires training and experience to carry out any campaign on any platform

Differences between Organic & Paid Marketing Services

  • Organic marketing is permanent, while paid marketing is temporary
  • Organic marketing is affordable compared to paid marketing
  • Organic marketing takes time to deliver results, while paid marketing provides instant results

Which Marketing Tactic to Focus?

Suppose you have just entered the industry or are in the initial stage of your business and don’t have training/expertise in paid advertising. In that case, go for organic marketing. Reason? You need not invest any money with organic marketing as it is free and shows results over time.

On the contrary, if you have been established in the industry for years or have a paid marketing background, you can go for this marketing tactic. The reason is that paid ads will give you results in a short time if managed in a correct manner. All it requires is careful planning and a significant amount of experience in marketing to perform well.

What Next Step to Take for Your Business?

People have different opinions on the best-proven ways to grow a business. Some might say that paid marketing works well while others say that organic marketing is the best.

The truth is that each method has its set of benefits and drawbacks and it is up to the company/business as to which marketing method they prefer for their marketing purpose. It is possible to do organic marketing without paid marketing, but when it comes to paid marketing, it is just not possible without doing organic marketing.

Following are some valuable tips that will guide you as to how you can use both of these marketing methods:

  • It is not essential to make all the promotional posts paid. The best way to go is to pay for ads that help in hitting your KPIs and reaching your business goals.
  • Only boost the best organic content. For this, first of all, you need to pay attention to content that has resonated with your audience and then you can show it to a new audience who hasn’t seen it.
  • It is very essential to optimize all the posts using A/B testing. Before you decide to allocate your entire social media budget for running a paid ad, you can run versions for a smaller audience to see how it is performing.
  • You can target your paid ads to people similar to your organic audience. When you organically grow your social media presence, you inevitably collect relevant data for your ideal customers or audience that you can use to attract more ideal customers.

When you implement these two marketing strategies, it results in one marketing method supporting the other. Planned paid marketing and organic visibility ensure your ongoing effort of marketing. The integrated marketing approach is to combine both to achieve desirable results. This combination helps in creating brand awareness and instills trust and confidence in customers. Thus, it can help in business expansion and help you achieve top sales numbers when properly planned and executed.

By Anurag Rathod

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