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When you are planning to move to a new home, then it becomes confusing at times about how to pack your entire household goods. There are different types of storage and house moving boxes available in the market. To help make you the right decision we have compiled a list of different types of boxes and their uses.

Small Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

When ordering moving boxes, make sure to purchase quite a few extra small cardboard boxes. In fact, it is advisable that the majority of your moving boxes be packed in small corrugated cardboard boxes. The reason? Smaller boxes are easier to pack, load, maneuver, and carry during the moving process. They are also perfect for small, bulky, and heavy items such as books, appliances, kitchenware, pantry items and others. These small moving boxes generally measure 12 to 14 inches long.

Medium Size Corrugated Boxes

Medium size corrugated boxes are one of the most popular types of moving boxes. The size of these eyelash boxes is ideal for moving small and medium-sized household items such as pots, pans, vases, picture frames, stuffed animals, toys, clothing, bed linens and many more. These house moving boxes are small enough to be carried to the moving truck but having enough storage space to hold a wide variety of household items. Most of the medium-sized corrugated boxes typically measure in the range of 14 to 18 inches long.

Large Corrugated Boxes

Large corrugated boxes come in handy to pack the bigger items of any household and a couple of these will do the job perfectly. However, it is important to pack these boxes with large, lightweight items such as clothing, pillows, bedding, blankets, paper towels, toilet paper, and more. If you over-pack a large corrugated moving box with too many heavy items, then you’ll have trouble moving it from one place to the other during the moving process. Large size corrugated removal boxes typically measure 18 inches to 24 inches long and used heavily in the packaging industry.

Telescope boxes

If you’re planning on packing and moving artwork, mirrors, or flat screen TVs, we recommend purchasing several telescope boxes to safely pack your items. These boxes are intelligently designed with a separate top and bottom piece which fit together to form one box. You simply slide in the smaller piece into the larger one until the item is completely secured by the box. These boxes are ideal for preventing any damage caused by the bumps & shocks to fragile and household products.

Glassware and Dish Boxes

Glassware and dish boxes are the easiest and most efficient way to pack plates, wine glasses and other glassware items. These box kits usually include one small to medium size cardboard box and a couple of cardboard dividers that fit right inside the box. The dividers are designed and built to separate and protect fragile items while also maximizing space inside the box.

Banker’s Packing Boxes

Want to pack and move office supplies and items? From file folders and binders to pens and papers, your office supplies should be packed and moved using banker’s packing boxes. These durable cardboard moving boxes come with handles and lift-off lids for easy packing and moving of all paper-based items. They are also stackable, making it easy to organize your office items before and after moving to a new place.

Wooden Moving Boxes

Plan to move large and valuable items such as artwork, sculptures, or antiques? You will need a heavy-duty, wooden crate to ship your items to the new home. Wooden crate panels are generally made of thick plywood and are secured with strong steel clips. The crate is designed with a removable panel for loading and unloading.

By Anurag Rathod

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