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On-Demand Apps are getting Trendy these Days. Users can even Download Sendhelper Clone to get Handyman Services On-Demand. So, whether you want to get your Kitchen Remodelled, get your home’s Exterior Painted, or even get a Sofa made from scratch, this App can help you find help. All you need to do is Install the App on your iOS or Android Smartphone or device and hire a Professional from the Desired Category. 

Say, I want to get my Two-Storey Home’s Exterior Painted. Thus, I’ll go to the App’s Home Page, Click on Home Painters, and from the List, I’ll select Home’s Exterior Painter! This App saves a lot of time, money, and effort altogether. Also, an On-Demand Handyman App is the best option to use when you don’t know whom to contact for getting your Home Painted, Furniture Repaired, or getting your leaky Bathroom Faucets fixed! 


There are basically two ways to build your very own Clone App for Handyman Services:  

  1. Build the App from Ground-Up 
  2. Get a Pre-Built, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functional App from a White-Labeling Firm 

Looking at both the Options, I’ll prefer to go with the second one! Why? We’ll here’s why: 

  • Pre-Built Apps can be launched in 7 – 10 Business Days. Whereas, building the App from scratch takes 7 – 8 Years of your life because it involves Designing the App, making a Prototype, Perfecting and Coding it, Beta-Testing it for 6 months. And lastly, spending a Year to conduct a Rigorous Market-Testing!  
  • Launching a Ready-to-Use App like Sendhelper Clone doesn’t require you to spend half of your Earnings or take Back Aching Loans from Financial Institutions. The Clone App Script is available at only a bite-sized cost as compared to the amount needed to build the App from scratch! 


Mentioned here are some of the Top-Most Features that an Entrepreneur gets with the Purchase of their On-Demand Handyman Clone App Script. 

Integration of Multiple Languages and Currencies

The App Owners can opt to get the Entire App made in their Preferred Language and Currency. Besides, they get to Add up to 10 Different Languages and Currencies into the App depending on the Country they are launching the On-Demand Handyman App! 

Real-Time Tracking 

This On-Demand App includes the feature of Real-Time Tracking of Service Providers. It enables the App User to know the current location of the Handyman and also view their Estimated Time of Arrival. 

Pay in Cash or choose to go Cashless 

Another interesting Feature in-built in this App lets the App User choose the Payment Mode of their Choice. The App User can select between Pay Online or Cash Methods! Under the Pay Online option, the user gets the flexibility to make payment for the Service via Credit Card, Debit Card, through In-App Wallet. 

Feature to Book Now or Pay Later 

The App User can always choose whether to call the Service Provider Instantly or Schedule their Service to a Later Date & Time. 

Referral Code 

The App User can earn Referral Amount by sharing their Promo or Referral Code to Friends. Once their Friends Download the App and successfully book their First Service through the Sendhelper Clone, the App User gets Monetary Rewards. The Admin transfers this amount directly to the User’s In-App Wallet. 


Do you wish to launch your own On-Demand Handyman App? If yes, then make this wish come true today! Launch the App with the Best Set of Features and take control of the major On-Demand Service Market! 

Find a White-Labelling Firm that offers Pre-Built Handyman Apps at the most Affordable Costs! Connect with their Sales Representatives and become an Entrepreneur in a Week! 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.