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Over the past few years, the link between office furniture and workplace productivity has become a hot topic. A research study found that employees spend one-third of their lives in the office. Another survey found an average adult person spends over 6.4 hours per day sitting.

Many companies are starting to understand the importance of office furniture for employees’ satisfaction, performance, fitness, and mental status.

Here is how choosing the right office furniture can boost employee productivity. 

Improving Office Organization

Did you know that your employees spend up to 4.3 hours weekly looking for documents? Office desks are natural generators of the mounds of paperwork. That is why you need to invest in a storage system that will make your files organized and accessible to everyone in your team.

Your storage system should be spacious enough to meet your employees’ everyday needs. Unsurprisingly, your choices depend on what kind of objects you will store and how many items you need to keep.

A well-optimized office space should have practical cabinets that make documents easier to access. The documents you need daily should be at an arm’s reach. An essential factor to consider is whether you want to keep your files prominent or out of sight. For example, legal businesses investing in legal office supplies need to guarantee clients’ data privacy and security.

To keep your office space organized, you should also:

  • Keep your cords organized. Cables from computer components, printers, monitors, and phone systems can get messy when not handled properly.
  • Choose modular furniture that adapts to your company’s specific needs and allows you to install the hardware components you need.
  • Buy adjustable furniture, such as moveable shelves and file cabinets, to make it easier to move around.

Boosting Employees’ Comfort and Health

Always keep in mind that choosing office furniture is not all about comfort. It improves your employees’ health, as well. They spend most of their workday sitting, which may cause numerous health problems, such as high blood pressure, body aches, fatigue, back pain, and muscle pain. Those symptoms will harm your employees’ overall well-being and productivity.

When choosing office furniture, it is crucial to keep in mind that there is no universal solution for your employees. That is why it is critical to purchase ergonomic furniture that can adapt to each employee’s requirements, such as their height, weight, posture, etc.

Start by investing in ergonomic chairs with good cushioning and backrest. They should be stable and adjustable to an employee’s height. Office desks should provide an employee with a spacious surface to work and, yet, do not take too much space.

Sometimes, purchasing ergonomic furniture is not enough if your employees do not use it properly. Consider investing in a back-care workshop to help your employees improve their posture and minimize the health dangers of sitting.

Segmenting the Office Space

Open-concept offices provide multiple benefits, from teamwork and better communication to a sense of spaciousness. However, the increased level of audible and visual interference can also enhance distractions. One of the most effective ways to improve workplace efficiency and productivity is segmenting an ample office space into separate, dedicated zones for your employees. That is where furniture arrangements can help.

For example, you can use furniture to designate spaces for meetings, departments, and leisure. For example, you can insert desktop privacy panels or modular office partitions to provide each employee with greater privacy while working. Shelving serves as both a room divider and a storage solution. Finally, double-sided whiteboards are also a practical way to create dedicated office spaces for each team.

The best thing about using furniture as an office space divider is that it eliminates the need for walls. Most importantly, it helps you reduce expenses. It is a creative way to designate space for each team without compromising their communication and collaboration.

Enhancing Employees’ Morale

Functional office spaces and comfortable furniture will enhance your employees’ willingness to show up at work. They also increase workplace productivity, since your staff members will be more relaxed and satisfied. Since they spend at least 40 hours at work, they will be happy to have a designated space and furniture online they can call their own.

Above all, creating a modern, clean, cozy office space is a great way to make your employees feel appreciated. It proves that you care about your employees and encourages their loyalty to your organization.

Over to You

When choosing the right office furniture, do not focus on its price or design solely. Make sure it is functional, adjustable, and ergonomic. It should provide your employees with the utmost comfort and encourage healthy habits in the office. Finally, it should include a wide range of useful features that will make your employees’ lives easier.

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