How to negotiate the MSRP with a dealer?

Negotiating with dealers is similar to fighting in a battle without a sword. If you want to negotiate with an expert, it is important to understand a few points. You can win the battle of negotiation once you clear your aim and goal. The dealer will try every trick to set a profitable deal for them. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is suggested by the manufacturer to sell their product in the market. 

MSRP is the price suggested by the manufacturer, but it is not very sure that the retailer will agree with the same price. So, you need to understand how to negotiate the MSRP with a dealer. The dealers such as ken wise honda, ertley kia are available in the market to sell cars online, go visit their sites to know their latest deals. It will help you to plan your strategies. 

The models such as Chevrolet Equinox, Mazda CX-5 Hyundai Kona, and etc are the fastest SUV on which you can get discounts. With the end of the year, there are huge chances that the deals are still available for you.

1. Do your Research:

The first step towards negotiating the MSRP with a dealer is to research the dealership locator and collect information that you can use inside the store. Half of your work can be done even before entering the dealership.

2) Clear your goals:

Prepare your list of needs and wants before entering the dealership. Visit the dealership after the full plan. If you enter the dealership without planning, the dealer will hand you a deal that might not be very profitable. 

While researching you can also prepare your list based on your research. It will help you to choose the features in your car. 

3) Know the least busy time:

For negotiation, time is the major factor. For a successful negotiation, both parties, the dealer and the customer, should have good communication. Communication can help you to understand the salesperson and his/her condition. Indirectly, you can examine how much you can go lower to earn a great profit.

4) Be Peasant and Calm:

If you are going to experience your first deal, don’t express your nervousness and fear. Be confident, calm, and pleasant in front of the dealer. If a salesperson understands your fear, there are huge chances you will not end with a good deal. To reduce your fear, it is very important to do all your research and comparison, so that you could get a successful deal.                                                                                                                  

There are several additional tips to help you to get good deals. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Until and Unless if you have no choice, never do anything in a hurry. Never visit dealerships without preparation. 

2) Check the online review of the dealership. Always prefer the dealership with good reviews. 

3) Don’t forget to compare and check prices with the nearby dealers to know the exact market price.

4) Never agree on the dealer’s price, try to low down as much as possible to get a good and profitable deal.

5) Always remember you can refuse the deal if it is not profitable for you. It is your money and you can decide when to say NO.

6) Never let the dealer take advantage of your lesser experience with the vehicles.


The main objective of the dealership is to earn profit from the customer without spoiling their bond with the customer. They earn these profits just by convincing and negotiating with the price according to their needs. It is very important for you too to understand how much you can lower down the price to gain your profit.