know about cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency as was made for making transactions over the internet from one person to another. The Bitcoin does not managed by a government or agency and there is no intermediate in this process. Instead it relies on peer-to-peer software and cryptography.  Every transaction has its own record and it can be seen in nodes. 

The Cryptocurrency was invented by an unknown person or a group of person by the name of Santoshi Nakamoto in 2008.  It is open source software and started for general people in 2009. Although it was declared illegal by many governments but as time changes people perceptions about it also changes. Now we can say that Bitcoin is the future of currency.

The Bitcoin was started to send the money from one person to another over internet. The digital currency was made for a purpose of providing different payment options to the people and does not control by any government or bank. It is more like a trading currency. 

As we very well know that crypto is very popular among every generation. Every person wants to learn about it and want to invest in it especially youth. Well all this mostly depend on the trend set by world leaders like Elon Musk. Crypto is an investment that can help you to grow faster.

About Ipint 

Ipint is a crypto payment gateway app that was invented by two IT employees named Manoj Jain and Nirmal Singh in the year 2018. The aim of this company is to provide a stage where one can change its cryptocurrency into its local currency without any kind of external charges. Ipint handle all the payment flow of their customers. It is ok if you don’t have any kind of knowledge regarding crypto as all the risk taking work was done by ipint in the background without any kind of impact on your business. If you also want to invest in crypto then ipint can also help you with this. As it is the best site to buy cryptocurrency with credit card.

If we talk about the risk factor in Bitcoin market then it is very high from other forms of investment. As all the other market can’t fluctuate that much and the amount of one Bitcoin is very high as compared to one share.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency that is very famous nowadays. The price of one Bitcoin is around 30 Lakh INR which is way more than any other cryptocurrency. When Bitcoin started it is free for people but know we can see the boom of crypto market in the world. Small countries like Vietnam and Nigeria is leading the list of most successful transactions of crypto in a country. These countries are not even half of developed countries in terms of economy but you can see what they capable off. 

Benefits of using Bitcoin 

  1. First of all Bitcoin is free from any kind of government organizations. 
  2. If you want to transfer Bitcoin from one person to another you can use BTC payment gateway for this. 
  3. Transactions of Bitcoin do not include any kind of banking fee or tax. 
  4. Low transaction fee for Bitcoin over international payments. 
  5. Every transaction can be seen by any person.
  6. It is one of the safest ways to secure your money.

Is cryptocurrency illegal?

If we talk about the legalization of cryptocurrency then I can say that it is legal in India to use crypto as a kind of investment.  But you have to do it under supervision of investment specialist as the risk is too high in this process. Crypto is a safe and secured investment to make. 

By Anurag Rathod

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