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Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI of the organs is the test that is safe and painless to do. It uses the magnetic field as well as radio waves to produce images that provide detailed information about the specific and mostly all the organs of the body. MRI is different from a CT scan as it does not make use of radiation. The procedure of an MRI scan may vary depending upon the situation or the recommendation by certain doctors in the MRI scan centre near me

The MRII scan provides briefly all the details of the body parts, the most important soft tissues with the help of a magnetic field rather than radio waves. According to the list below –

  • It is done through imaging.
  • Generally, takes fifteen to ninety minutes.
  • Results of the test are usually available within a month.
  • Non-invasive.
  • The ability to confirm the condition is very high.
  • The ability to rule out the condition is high.

When Do You Need Of A Head Or A Brain MRI?

The need for a brain MRI emerges for detecting several brain conditions like spinal cord injuries, aneurysms (also known as bulging in the brain vessels of the brain), strokes, multiple sclerosis, infections, tumours, haemorrhage, swelling, cysts, blood vessels related issues, inflammation, any issue due to previous head injury etcetera. The doctor at the MRI scan centre near me would generally suggest it if he witnesses the following symptoms: dizziness, weakness, seizures, change in thinking behaviour, blurry visions, chronic headaches.

How to Prepare for A Brain MRI?

The medical staff will make sure which all metals are there in your body. Also, any metallic things are they jewellery or sunglasses need to be removed because it hampers the MRI machine’s ability to produce a clear image. The hospital staff will ask you to wear loose hospital clothing or a hospital gown. Doctors or the medical staff need to be informed if you are pregnant or have claustrophobia so that certain sedatives can be given to you ensuring a harmless MRI scan near me.

Procedure of MRI Scan Of The Brain

Thirty to forty-five minutes are required to perform the test MRI. The person needs to lie down on the scanning table and the technologist will help the person to place him or her into position. After that, a special plastic device called a coil is put on the head of the child. The scanning table will be slid into the circular tunnel and soon afterwards technician will click images of the head. Every capture and scan will take a few minutes.

A contrast solution is given to the child through an IV to detect any specific problem. It is painless because the solution goes into the vein. It is given so that the solution can highlight certain areas of the brain such as blood vessels. The doctors and technicians will ask if the child is allergic to any medications or food or anything else before a contrast solution is given. Although the contrast solution is harmless and safe, however certain allergic reactions may occur. In that case, you can talk to the doctor in the centre for MRI scan near me. 

As the procedure goes forward, the child will hear constant sounds of capturing from the normal machine. The child may be provided with headphones so that he can listen to music or just simply earplugs to avoid all the noise. If you face or experience any breathing problem, sweating or numbness then you should notify the fact to the technologist. After the procedure is completed, you will be taken out of the scanner. If an IV line was put, it will also be removed.

Although a brain CT scan causes no pain or problem, lying down still for the long procedure might cause some discomfort, mostly when you had a recent surgery or injury. However, the technologist will try to use all the measures that provide you comfort and complete the procedure quickly for minimal discomfort.

What Happens After an MRI Scan of The Brain Is Done?

The person will be monitored for a certain period by a highly experienced and qualified radiologist specially trained to interpret the brain MRI scans. Any side effects or reactions like itching, swelling, rashes, or difficulty in breathing should be notified to the radiologist. If after reaching home any pain, redness, or swelling is noticed at the IV site the immediately call the doctor as it may be a sign of any infection or other type of reaction. Apart from that no other special type of care is needed. After the MRI scan of the brain, all the patients are allowed to resume their normal diet and activities. The doctor at the MRI scan centre near me may provide additional instructions only if there is any special or particular situation.

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