Renting Cars

A rental car on vacation is almost a flying carpet: it gives you a turbo degree of freedom. We tell you what to look for when renting a car, so that it turns out inexpensively and without unexpected surcharges.

Compare online car rental prices from different car rental companies

Wherever you go, there are major international car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Budget and Alamo. Renting a car from them is convenient and reliable, but expensive. Local distributors have lower prices, but their fleet is more modest and the work is worse.

You can book a car on the website or in the application of the rental office itself or through an intermediary broker.

Find a promo code for a discount on car rental

Car rental companies and brokers have discounts on car rental. It is not difficult to get them, the main thing is to find out that there are special offers for car rental. There are plenty of car rental companies and most of them offer discount coupons or some sort of discount on pre-booking/ using a referral code. Simply search online the rental companies in which part of world you’re looking for a rent a car and go to their website, you probably find some sort of discount coupon on their website. If you don’t find any discount and the best thing you can do is Google “best rent a car coupon in (Place Name)”

In USA, there are some big names when it comes to car renting services and some are; 

  1. Alamo
  2. Enterprise
  3. National Car Rental
  4. Dollar Rentals
  5. SIXT Rent

Consider renting a car in advance

Pre-booking rent a car can save you couple bucks because on peak days, inexpensive cars run out quickly. Therefore, it is worth booking a car at least a week before the trip.

Renting a car without prior reservation at a rental station is usually more expensive.

Choose a small car

The smaller the car, the cheaper the rental cost. The most affordable are small cars with a manual transmission. The automatic machine is more expensive.

If you’re lucky, instead of the booked subcompact, you will be given a middle-class car at no extra charge. The rental station has no right to refuse to rent if there is a reservation, and if the car you need is not available, you will be given a car of a higher class for free. The chance is not as small as it might seem: budget cars sell out quickly.

Choose car with gasoline or diesel

Renting a car with a diesel engine will cost more than with a gasoline one. But given that it consumes significantly less fuel, which in itself is cheaper than gasoline, when driving long distances, this can be beneficial.

Ditch unnecessary services and check hidden fees

If you find a car at a nice price, don’t be relaxed: you will almost certainly face additional service fees and hidden fees. Read what the rental companies charge for, decide if it is justified, and estimate the final rental cost.

Don’t spend money on GPS

When concluding a contract, you may be offered a navigator as an additional paid service. Its price ranges up to $ 10-15 per day, which, of course, is much more expensive than a local SIM card with internet and Google maps, which work great all over the world.

Prepare to lock your deposit

When renting a car, rental companies usually block a deposit on your bank card – this is called “holding”. When you return the car, the amount is fully unlocked (if the distributor does not receive fines for your violation of traffic rules) and will be available again. Sometimes it takes a long time to wait for defrosting – up to 30 days from the moment of blocking. Moreover, it is not the distributor who is responsible for this, but the bank, whose money is on hold. To speed up the process, after returning the car, contact the bank and leave an application for unblocking the money.

Find out all the insurance details

Insurance is the broadest field for the shenanigans of car rental agents. So that you do not get an unpleasant surprise, specify in advance all the details of insurance: the amount of the deductible, coverage, insurance and non-insurance events. For example, in some firms “full insurance” may unexpectedly not include mirrors and glass.
It may turn out that you actually have insurance, you just do not know about it. In many banks, servicing your credit account already includes insurance, if you pay with this particular card. In addition, check with the company where your own car is insured if it is possible to extend the insurance to rental cars.

 Pay by credit card, not debit

Often, when concluding a contract, the insurance company blocks a certain deposit on your account in order to withdraw it as a fine if something happens. More funds are always frozen on debit accounts than on credit ones. This advice is useful not for saving, but in order not to be left without money on a trip, because the return of such a deposit can take up to a month.

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