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Unlocking New Possibilities in Mobile App Development with IoT and AI

Unlocking New Possibilities in Mobile App Development with IoT and AI

Ever imagined how your day would feel like if you refrain yourself from using any mobile app? Whether it’s performing your daily chores or the way of doing business, mobile app development has significantly touched almost every facet of our lives. 

Since the inception of smartphones, the development of mobile applications has witnessed massive technological changes. So what’s the next big thing in mobile app development? 

Many articles, extolling Internet of Things (IoT) as the key disruptor for the future of mobile app development, are doing the rounds on the Internet today. At this juncture, it is of utmost important for businesses to know why Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be indispensable to sustain that future.

Why the need to converge AI with IoT?

The total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in 2015 was recorded as 15.41 billion worldwide and it’s estimated to grow to 75.44 billion by 2025, as per Statista. 

IoT is essentially about connected “things” that generate data – thenew currency of the digital economy!

IDC predicts that there will be staggering growth in the total amount of digital data created worldwide and it will hit 180 zettabytes by 2025. And the major contributors to this data will be connected devices and the sensors within them.

With IoT continuing to trigger exponential growth in data volumesas indicated by these figures, the demand for AI will increase considerably to make data useful. This is because AI plays a crucial role in supplementing data with context and creativity in order to make it actionable.

IoT enabled with AI will be about connected “intelligent things”!

Therefore, it’s recommended for companies seeking success in the IoT-enabled world:

  • To identify the significance of AI for harnessing the full potential of IoT.
  • To develop strong AI strategies for tackling the astounding growth of data coming from connected devices.

How are IoT and AI Ushering in a New Era in Mobile App Development?

The combination AI and the IoT will enable machines to gain control over mundane, monotonous tasks and manage to reshape the competitive business landscape completely.

Here’s how AI and IoT will pave way for new possibilities in mobile app development:

  • Enhanced personalized experiences
  • App personalization
  • Optimal resource utilization

Enhanced personalized experiences

With the growth of IoT, an increasing number of customers are getting hyperconnected posing challenges for brands to communicate, engage and delight customers across multiple channels and device types.

AI will help youto seek out patterns in data over time and the insights gained from post-event processing can be combined with real-time data to deliver a personalized experience, the key to resonate with your audience.

App personalization

AI and IoT will also open doors to new opportunities for mobile application development companies by allowing them to differentiate their apps in the market.

They will be able to develop new apps with innovative features that their customers have been looking for or that addresses their customers’ pain points, which is also known as app personalization.

Optimal resource utilization

The combination of AI and IoT is benefitting mobile users and mobile app developers alike. Strategies powered by AI and IoT help mobile app developers to minimize resource utilization and automate routine onerous task leading to increase in efficiency and productivity.

Thus, the convergence of AI and IoT will bring tremendous advantages to app developers in terms of cost reduction, better customer experiences and future-proofing their applications.

Business transformation through IoT & AI

The advent of IoT and AI will transform the way businesses operate in the near future. As IoT offers access to a plethora of data on customer behavior, usage habits, product performance and the likes, AI will help make this data useful for businesses.

Enterprises can use this actionable data to redefine their product lines and introduce incremental changes to their after products remotely even after sale to meet their customer expectations.

Although IoT-enabled AI will impact many industries, few of them expected to seize the opportunities faster are as follows:

Let’s dive a little deeper!

Remote patient monitoring through body sensors

Today wearables, sensors and even mobile apps are used to capture real-time clinical data and then AI and machine learning are used to analyze the data gathered and stored in the cloud.

AI-powered wearables would provide healthcare providers the capability to measure the effect of their therapies by providing real-time insights. Thus, artificially intelligent wearables will be able to strengthen remote patient monitoring and improve patient experience by reducing the need to visit clinic.

Preventive maintenance of oil pipelines through AI-powered IoT

IoT sensors monitoring the pipelines in oil fields capture critical real-time information across various dimensions such as oil flow, pressure and temperature. Then machine learning is applied to the data gathered to facilitate intelligent business decisions.

AI-powered IoT sensors attached to oil rigs and pipelines can unlock insights from real-time data and enable preventive maintenance. Thus, it can reduce operation costs significantly by recommending the best temperature and pressure via mobile app in order to improve the overall operations.

Predictive maintenance to ensure streamlined logistics operations

Transit monitoring is one of the key dimensions in realizing streamlined logistics management. No wonder logistics companies carry out condition monitoring for trucks for various parameters such as temperature, fuel level, etc. on a continuous basis.

The data gathered by humidity and temperature sensors installed in the trucks is analyzed using AI model to detect any defects and recommend predictive maintenance as real-time alerts for potential disasters so that expensive repairs can be avoided.

Harness the synergy of AI and IoT

The beneficial disruptions from AI and IoT are expected to transform businesses in a dramatic manner. The early adopters will be better equipped to adapt to the competitive landscape in terms of lower costs, enhanced products and better customer experiences.

So, as a mobile app development company you can harness this synergy to revolutionize your mobile app experience. The need of the hour is to begin a strategic dialogue in your organization in order to fully understand and prepare for the disruptions soon to arrive.

What’s your next move on leveraging the combined disruption from AI and IoT? Here’s your golden opportunity to become a potential leader in your industry by grabbing the early movers’ advantage. Are you ready to grab the limelight? 

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Poli Dey Bhavsar is a Content Writer at Helios Solutions. She puts her passion for content to work by writing stories on latest tech trends and advancements in IT.  When she is not hitting the keyboard, she is cooking delicacies, traveling and trying to unearth the meaning of life.

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