Microsoft Office 365 is a mist version of the office products. Consumers pay a monthly or yearly subscription rather than purchasing a license. Office 365 facilitates you with the duplex of office products and some extra business-oriented applications in office 365 business version. To increase efficiency in business Microsoft 365 is designed with essential business applications. As compared to other Office products Office 365 gives you many more for stability in a business. Office 365 can be used and shared with an extensive number of users.

Microsoft 365 is a complete set of smart solutions that allow users to be more effective and work securely. Office 365 includes features like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Access, and several other features. It is a cloud-based framework being used by more than 155 million people and provides a collection of factors which helps to raise the business productivity.

Other premium apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Publisher, and Access are the Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and are used on subscription base. These apps can be installed and used on multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android Phones. An organization can improve the communication, secure its cloud storage, access files anywhere and save unwanted cost with the help of Office 365 innovative features.

Attributes of Office 365

  • Easy Association

Users get web authorized access to documents, contacts and email via any device or browser with Office 365. This brings better contact and coordination between staff.

  • Number of Users

Office 365 can be used and shared up to 300 users and Office 365 Enterprise can be shared with unlimited number of users.

  • Collective Writing

Collaborate and work together online, save, and share your file with others who can work on it with you. Users can share and work directly from the application.

  • Cost

Users can get access to the applications and features of Office 365 at a reasonable cost for the business and enterprises both.

  • Flexibility

Enterprises buy only the office solutions with multiple options in the Office 365 series.

  • Link Sharing of Saved Files

Insert the link to your file on cloud, Outlook will automatically allow edit permission to the people you are emailing, and user can change the permission anytime.

  • Security

Office 365 has built-in security, and a user can have access to the data any time and you can remotely remove the data from the mobile tool if it is hacked or lost.

  • Office 365 Enterprise Additional Features

Skype for business used for employees meeting, Litigation hold which is used to place archive mailbox on hold, and Intune is the mobile management tool which is used to access the data and applications of the organizations.

  • PDF Conversion

Office 365 made it simple with the Save as PDF integrated feature, A user can convert it into word document if need to edit without the issue copy pasting or editing issue occurrence.

  • All Licensing

Office 365 gives access to every licensing to entire company. It means all the users get upgrades at the same time because of everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office.

Office 365 Benefits

  • Version Upgradation

User does not have to worry about upgrading to the newer version because of paying the subscription. Regular updates are received from Microsoft by Office 365, Purpose of these updates is to improve the quality and security.

  • Easy Access to Files

An organization can store all the files in the cloud using Office 365. Data can be accessed on any device from any location using the internet connection. A user can access the files using a mobile device when out of the office.

  • Remote Working

Office 365 allows users to work from anywhere if they have the internet access, because Office 365 is the whole cloud based. Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), files, emails can be accessed from any location using any device with the help of Office 365.

  • Teamwork

Several people can edit and use the same document at the same time using a Microsoft Office 365 a Cloud product. Every user can see the changes in the files at the same time on the same work.

  • Documents Security Assurance

A secure cloud storage of Office 365 can help to place the data safe; this means that two users’ authentication will not allow any other user to access the files unnecessarily. Threats are detected, identified, and stopped immediately.

  • Subscription Process

A system can add or remove users simply by adding or removing licenses through Office 365 subscription beneficence. A faculty can stop paying for the software as a service rather than continuing to pay for an account that is no longer being used, if a team member leaves.

  • Link Sharing

A user can link a file using Office 365 cloud service instead of attaching a file in the email. With the help of General Data Protection Regulation now it is much easier to give access to the sensitive documents in a secure way.

  • Better Connect

Using an Office 365 tools a user can interact in a systematic way using Skype, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. Skype for business helps you to get connected with external agencies anywhere whereas Teams is used for instant messaging and files sharing.

  • Reduction in Software Cost

Office 365 can help your business to save bigger expenses on software as this is the most exceptional benefit of using Office 365 for an organization. As a subscription-based software, a company only need to pay for the software which is being used currently. For instance, user could use business premium or Office 365 Enterprise E3 for the expensive users where additional requirements needed.   

  • Modifiability

A user can access all the applications on up to 5 different devices with the help of Office 365 subscription process. Access to files and work on them can be done using a mobile device if you are changing your location or you can work from home your own laptop.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.