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Atmospheric gases are significantly important for life on earth. However, some of these gases can become dangerous in a matter of a few instants. So, human beings have to be very careful about their usage in order to only avail the benefits and limit the hazards of the gas. Methane, belonging to the family of natural gas, falls in the same category.

What is Methane Gas?

Methane is a colorless and odorless gas, which is also relatively nontoxic. However, these characteristics cannot overcome the highly flammable and combustible nature of the gas, which can cause the loss of millions in an instant. Although minimal direct inhaling of methane gas does not leave drastic impacts on health, still, it cannot be declared safe.

Health Hazards of Methane Gas Poisoning

Methane can be considered as a slow poison as minimal direct inhaling does not leave drastic health impacts. However, exposure to high concentration leakage can lead to methane poisoning. Here are some of the major health hazards caused by methane gas poisoning, which are similar to that of carbon monoxide inhalation.

  • Increased heart rate
  • Euphoria
  • Loss of memory
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Coma
  • Death

Environmental Effects of Methane Gas

Methane is one of those gases which is produced by human beings while producing different types of product in various industries. It causes the most hazardous impacts on the atmosphere, and some of them are:

  • Explosions
  • Greenhouse gas effects
  • Skin burn and irritation
  • Suffocation
  • Climate change

Dig deeper into this article to explore a comprehensive guide about methane gas poisoning.

Top 5 Industries Exposed To Methane Gas Poisoning Threats

Methane gas is one of those hidden killers that do not kill during limited interactions, but high concentration can instantly take the life of human beings. It also causes loss to the environment. So, controlling the leakage of gas is one thing; limiting its production is more critical. There are numerous industries that are exposed to the hazards of methane gas, and using gas detectors is their only savior.

Here are some of the major industries that are exposed to methane gas poisoning threats and need gas detector installation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the locality.

1.    Petroleum Extraction

Petroleum extraction or crude oil extraction is one of the major industries which is exposed to methane gas poisoning threats. Petroleum is extracted from underground natural reservoirs. During the extraction process, a vast range of hazardous gases are produced, and one of these is methane. This is why the workers have to ensure proper safety measures before starting the extraction process and ensure the wellbeing of everyone on-site location.

2.    Oil Refineries

Oil refineries are the second most common industry that is exposed to methane gas poisoning threats. A vast range of flammable, combustible, and toxic gases are present in the oil refineries, and a little ignorance or mishap can cause severe explosions. The authorities of oil refineries ensure to hire gas detector Dubai based suppliers to ensure proper installation and safety measures to detect leakage and control it before any accident takes place.

3.    Coal Mines

Coal mines are another major industry that suffers the most loss due to methane gas poisoning threats. Although the technology has made immense progress and development, unfortunate incidents like explosions and mass poisoning are quite common in the coal mines and extraction process. There is a dire need to use gas detectors in the coal mines to save precious human lives.

4.    Restaurant Industry

Methane is a component of natural gas. So, in the settings where natural gas is present, methane is also present and can cause harm if it is not handled with care. The restaurant industry is one of those that are specifically exposed to natural gas and methane gas. Due to being odorless, methane gas has the potential of causing severe accidents, which can be easily controlled by using gas detectors.

5.    Clay and Glass Industries

Lastly, the clay and glass industries are also exposed to the threats of methane gas poisoning. During the production of clay and glass through artificial means, methane and numerous other gases are produced. If these gases are not handled with care or safety protocol is not followed in the setting, it can invite drastic situations. So, if you deal with the production of glass and clay or any other industry that is exposed to methane gas poisoning, you must hire gas detector Dubai based suppliers and ensure proper detector installation like portable gas detector or fixed gas detector in your facility and stay safe.

Avoid the dangers of methane gas poisoning by using gas detectors!

Human beings have to take part in the production of hazardous gases like methane even without willing. It is because they need certain products or services during the production of which methane gas is also produced. If you are also trapped in a similar situation, you have the responsibility of controlling the hazards. Contact the professionals now to install gas detectors and ensure the safety of your workers and facility.

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