Great Ways to Make Learning From Home Easier

While there are plenty of students who love online learning, there are many others who struggle to adapt to the experience of learning from home. Though it can be difficult, it’s not impossible. If a student in your household is struggling with online learning, it’s important to remember that where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Sometimes, your will needs to be extremely strong in order to pull your student through. In order to provide support for someone who has to learn from home, adopt the following tips in your learning arsenal.

1. Create a Learning Center

Don’t underestimate the power of transforming a physical space. A person’s surroundings can have a major impact on their success. For starters, make sure the house isn’t cluttered. If it is cluttered, take the time to thoroughly clean it up. Get rid of unnecessary paper piles, furniture, and more. Clutter can really impact a person’s ability to think clearly. Once you’ve decluttered, create a learning center. Paint the walls in fun colors. Hang artwork that features inspirational quotes. Use color theory in order to pick colors that will inspire and uplift. Make sure the chairs, desks, and other furniture are the right size for the student. It’s also important to make sure the student feels comfortable. Granted, you don’t want them to be in a position where they can throw their feet up and drift off to sleep. However, they should be able to maintain good posture and feel comfortable as they stay alert for their classes.

2. Provide the Right Equipment

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a slow computer or a lagging internet speed. If these problems are a reality for your student, make the investment to improve the equipment. A good headset can make a world of a difference for a student who’s struggling to tune out noise and distractions around them. A Plantronics wireless headset will provide the mobility and efficiency a student needs in order to hear and respond when online classes are in session.

3. Prioritize Nutrition

Nutrition is paramount because it directly impacts a student’s mood and ability to focus. Provide nutrient-rich meals that can support a student’s ability to focus. Try to avoid meals that include artificial sugars. It’s also best to avoid processed foods that can slow the body down. Instead, start the day strong with healthy fruits, vegetables, and great sources of protein. With the right fuel in the system, it can make a major difference in a person’s ability to function and thrive. Choose snacks like nuts, popcorn, or freshly-cut produce that can help provide an added boost to get through the rest of the sessions.

4. Develop a Balanced Schedule

When you have something to look forward to, it’s much easier to approach the day with a sense of hopefulness and expectation. Try your best to develop a schedule for your student that includes fun, excitement, and activity. If a student is sitting at a computer for hours on end, this experience can encourage sedentary living, sluggish behavior, and lethargy. Plus, it can lead to a sense of mundane living that is soul-sucking. Instead, find ways to infuse bursts of excitement into the day. Go for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood during the lunch break. Take a fun trip to the local ice cream shop after class is over. Add physical activity to the daily schedule by having a quick dance party in between class sessions. As you find ways to include spontaneity and interest to the day, it might become easier for your student to ease into the mindset of discipline in order to focus and remain productive.

Don’t forget about the efficiency and beauty of using tools like sound machines and Lo-Fi music in order to focus when it’s time to do homework. While online learning is its own experience, it can be really hard for a student to want to spend even more time on the computer to do homework, study for tests and more. However, with these tips and time, it can become easier for a student to focus, remain productive and adapt to the process of learning from home. As you test these tips out, remember to be patient and adaptable. With the right formula, you all can succeed.