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The power of the Internet as a great marketing medium is known to all. But not every company can perform excellent marketing for their product as smart campaigns are required. That is why businesses need to develop a greater strategy, especially for web design, to make things perfect for them. 

Let me define two aspects of web design that are not that common but are important, nonetheless. For businesses operating in big cities like Dubai, this can be a great asset for them to capitalize on and make things work for them without spending much on marketing. 

1. Visual Communication

Most of the companies still had a lie on tried and tested ways of communication like email and paid media. There is nothing wrong with it, but if you can go one step ahead and make the visuals of your website do the talking, then it can offer excellent support to your product or service in the long term. Selling products just based on brand value can be risky as you need much time to make your product grow on your target audience and make them feel addicted to it. 

So, the best way forward for small businesses is to make full use of their available resources. Apps like Instagram and using platforms like HubSpot can be a good way to move forward confidently. But they need something that can advance their popularity quickly, which can be done with a viral image or video. Surely, it is not a piece of cake to start attracting audiences in hordes, but you can make a valiant effort if you know what can work for you. 

Read on as I discuss this aspect in detail now by discussing virality as the main topic. 

2. Virality of an Image or Video

This can be termed as the logical extension of the previous point. Images can be turned into overnight sensations, and the same can happen for videos as well. For a startup or small business, this can mean a lot because it can be termed free marketing. Word of mouth can make a product go viral and happen when an image or video gets millions of views. There is no better way to market any product because you do not have to make much effort as everyone who will like any image or video will share it on his social media network. 

Exposure for any company in this way can make it amongst the top-ranked websites as huge traffic will be directed toward that website. The deliberate designing of such an image or video is now gaining popularity, as well as creating memes. While for most businesses, this may not be a serious solution but companies dealing and entertainment, sports for current affairs can use memes in their social media feed. Memes can also go viral within a few days or even within hours if the content is excellent. 

What Is In It for the Designers?

It is the designer’s job that can make any image video for me excellent so that everything can be deemed as really exciting. As a business owner, if you want drastic changes, there can be several ways to make things work, and this is one of them. As most small businesses and startups do not have much to shell out on marketing, this aspect can make things excellent. The role of a web design company Dubai can elevate things to the extent that images or videos can go viral. 

Businesses do not need every image of them to go viral as just one or two images, or videos can make a great place for them. We have seen in the past that even a YouTube video for a single image has made it big for a small company and put them into the limelight. That is why emphasizing this aspect can reap benefits for businesses.

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By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.