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Do you curious about long road trip tips: 5 things you need to check before taking your car on a road trip? Click this article to read more!

It is a great idea when having a long trip on the weekends with your family. Traveling to many places and getting memories together will be an extraordinary experience. However, there are many things to prepare for such a long trip. 

This article can give you long road trip tips. Specifically, 5 things you need to check before taking your car on a road trip. Let’s get started now!

1. Check Your Maintenance Schedule

One of the first important things is to check your maintenance schedule regularly. Especially for those who can’t remember the last time they took their car for regular maintenance. This is simple.

All you need to do is check the owner’s manual to determine how often you have to do this. In addition, if you cannot find your owner’s manual, you can also do a quick online search for your vehicle.


Insufficient engine lubrication will lead to the risk of vehicle breakdown, so take a dip test. Make sure the car oil level is always between the minimum and maximum markers.


The coolant will play a very important role in its days. It helps eliminate excess heat from your engine – essential if you are stuck in traffic. In addition, it also prevents water from freezing. If you’re not sure how to check your coolant, find out now.

Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Your tire must reach the correct tension and pressure level to allow a heavy grip on the back. Most cars have a sticker on the inside of the driver’s fuel tank or door jamb. They denote minimum tire pressure and pressure suitable for heavy loads. 

If you want to check the tread depth, then insert a 20p coin into the grooves in the tire. The outside strip of the coin face appears, so your tires exceed the legal limit (1.6mm). This will expose you to a fine of £ 2,500 for each illegal tire.


Defective lights threaten road safety because they prevent you from seeing other road users. For safety, check to see if they are working properly. Try having a family member or neighbour inspect the rear lights.


Keeping windows clean will also help you track the hazards of your trip more easily. If the washing machine’s liquid level is low, make sure you feed them fully before turning off. If you drive in the winter, dilute it to the exact proportions to prevent it from freezing.

In addition, to make vehicle inspection easier, you can talk to your regular mechanic. This person can help you a lot if your car needs maintenance. Do this as soon as possible, before you cross the road to prevent any problems along the way. You do not want to experience a car accident during your trip.

To keep the car running at its peak and maintain its longevity, check the status of your vehicle regularly. This may seem simple, but it is extremely necessary.

2. Check the Tires

The first thing to check is to see if the tires are worn. A simple way to check your steps is to stick a coin upside down in the groove. If a gap between Lincoln Lincoln’s head and the top of the tire appears, it means you need a new tire.

In case your tire is still good, check the tire pressure. The pressure is good in the tires, but you still want the psi to be equal in all four tires.

3. Emergency Kit

The emergency kit is an indispensable part of every car. However, what tools inside are more important. These things can be blanket, flares, bottled water, flashlights, or some snacks. Besides, you can add some extra items such as matches, a utility knife, or a spare phone. 

Briefly, the emergency kit and extra supplies should be catered to the trip. For example, if you go to the north, you need more tools geared toward the cold climate. Or if you go to warm climate zones, you should prepare much-bottled water. 

4. Fluid Attention

The coolant and oil play an important role, particularly when you are having a long trip. Long drives can heat your engine up given enough time as it is quite taxing. That is why you should lubricate each moving part properly. From that, the coolant can keep the engine from overheating. 

So, you can check whether the oil tray is emptied or not before replacing the oil. Besides, you have to ensure that there are no coolant or oil leaks as it can cause trouble for you later. The radiator also needs your attention as it keeps the coolant to do the right job. 

5. Brake Check

The brake check is a must, but drivers often overlook this thing. Even if your break may still work well, it is not sure that they are always ready for a long-distance trip. So, you have to check your brake regularly.

It is better when you ask the mechanic some recommendations for good brakes. Besides, you can practice some techniques of using the brake to extend your brakes’ life. For instance, you should avoid riding on your brakes constantly or pressing on them harshly. 


These aforementioned suggestions can help your car get ready to take a good trip on the road. To better coverage for your car, you should also contact the insurance company. You also need to save the phone number of the mechanic in case you have some trouble. 

After reading long road trip tips, you now know 5 things you need to check before taking your car on a road trip. Hopefully, you will have a memorable trip with your family. 

By Anurag Rathod

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