liver transplant cost in India

The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It performs many important functions that are necessary for our survival. For example, supplying glucose to the blood, regulating blood clotting, bile production, and several other vital functions.

Sometimes the liver may undergo certain damage or infection. When this damage goes out of control, a liver transplant is the only treatment that can give you hope of survival. Moreover, the cost of a liver transplant is pretty expensive because of advanced equipment and services. But even after this, the liver transplant cost in India is much lesser than that in foreign countries.

What Is A Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant or hepatic transplant is a surgery in which a healthy one substitutes for the rotten or damaged liver. You might be wondering about the donor of a healthy liver. Well, it is donated by a deceased liver donor or, in some cases, a living one as well. Moreover, when a living donor has to present their liver, the organ’s removed part grows back to normal after a while.

Why Is A Liver Transplant Done?

There are several methods to cure a damaged liver. But when the damage worsens in liver failure or, at times, liver cancer, transplant is the last option.

There are two types of liver failure, namely acute and chronic. When there is an unexpected or sudden failure of the liver, it is called acute liver failure. On the other hand, when the damage occurs at a slow pace taking months and years, it is called chronic liver failure.

The liver transplant is mostly done to treat chronic failure. This chronic liver failure is mostly the result of cirrhosis, where normal liver tissue is replaced by the scarred tissue, leading to dysfunction.

The main causes of cirrhosis that lead to liver failure include alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease, Hepatitis B and C, biliary atresia, and genetic diseases. Moreover, a liver transplant can also save a liver cancer patient.

Facts And Figures About Liver Transplant

●    More than 20,000 liver transplants are performed every year around the globe.

●    More than 1,50,000 people die every year in India due to diseases related to the liver.

●    The liver transplant cost in India is only 1/20th in comparison to the price in foreign countries.

●    There is a 5% to 10% risk to life while undergoing liver transplant surgery.

●    You can live a normal life after the transplant, but only if you follow your doctor’s advice and regular medications. In addition, the rehabilitation process after the transplant is life-long. Hence, it must be paid due care.

Risks Associated With Liver Transplant

Several complications arise during the procedure or related to the drugs given to avoid the failure of the replaced donor liver. Although major complications get eliminated with time, there are also some chances where long-term risks can occur related to the re-occurrence of the disease in the liver, which is transplanted.

Some of the related risks are:

●    Allergy or an infection

●    Seizures

●    Donated liver failure

●    Bleeding

●    Blood clotting

●    Risks related to bile duct

Cost Of Liver Transplant In India

The liver transplant involves high-cost lab tests, utmost trained medical staff, along with advanced and modern instruments. Moreover, the drugs and medicines involved in the process are also very costly. All of the above factors make the liver transplant cost in India an expensive one.

Apart from this, the post-surgery expenses are also high, involving an extended recovery period followed by regular medications.

Liver Transplant Doctors

You need to find the best doctor for your liver transplantation. It is because the whole procedure is very complicated and can be handled only by experts. Moreover, you can find the best doctors for your transplant on the website of Max Healthcare.

Some of the expert doctors for liver transplant surgeries are:

1.    Dr Subhash Gupta

2.    Dr Vibha Varma

3.    Dr Sanjiv Sigal

4.    Dr Rajesh Dey

5.    Dr Shaleen Aggarwal and more.

Furthermore, there are many hospitals associated with these doctors. Hence, your first step must be to choose the best specialist for your treatment who will ultimately look after your health in the best medical institution with all the advanced equipment involved in the process.


Hence, before going for a liver transplant, you must be aware of the tiniest details to avoid future problems. Moreover, the advice of family and friends also plays a great deal in searching for a liver transplant doctor. Thus, you need to trust the process and your surgeon.

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