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Back pain is among the most chronic pain one can experience. Although it is a common issue in old people, anyone can face back pain issues. Despite trying different therapies and measures, one cannot get permanent relief. This is why now there is a great demand for acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese physical therapy that has now become a popular means of managing the pain well and getting relief in a short time.

Despite this, people have doubts about the impact or recovery rate of acupuncture treatment. Numerous studies have proven the treatment has given positive outcomes to the patients. It is an entirely safe procedure. When performed by licensed professionals, one can get great benefits. Check out the guide to get all the essential information you need.

Can acupuncture help with back pain?

Acupuncture is a traditional therapy method used for ages. The therapy helps energize the body. The professional, during the procedure, will insert needles in different areas. The focus here is on the body’s pressure points that are associated with the problem-causing area. This helps to get the energy to the point of treatment, also known as the meridian. There are not many meridians the acupuncturist can focus on to offer relief from the back pain. Some of the acupuncture points for lower back pain issues include.

•                     Hand joints

•                     Back of the knee joints

•                     Stomach joints

•                     Lower back joints

•                     Foot joints

While the acupuncture point for upper back pain differs, it includes the shoulder, head, and neck. The technique involves stimulating these points that help stimulate the nervous system to relieve the pain. In addition to this, acupuncture is a great remedy for getting relief from neuromuscular issues.

It is a painless and safe procedure. In addition, studies have shown people with chronic lower back pain have got relief with acupuncture treatment.

Does acupuncture work?

The acupuncture process involves needle insertion in the body at specific points. It is a painless procedure done by experienced practitioners. When inserted at the pressure points, the needles help correct the imbalance of the flow of energy in the body, known as qi. Remember, one cannot assure to get relief just after 1 session.

Acupuncture helps trigger the release of natural opioids in the brain. It helps decrease the pain and offers sound sleep. You can rely on this medical treatment to relieve the issue. However, you must look for acupuncture near me and visit only a certified center for your treatment. This will guarantee proper results.

When to consider acupuncture for lower back pain?

Acupuncture offers numerous benefits for people suffering from lower back pain. It can help get relief from the discomfort. Check out the top reasons why acupuncture must be your treatment option.

1. Releases healing chemicals

The acupuncture procedure helps stimulate the central nervous system responsible for the release of chemicals known as opioids into the brain muscles and spinal cord. The chemicals work greatly in reducing and eliminating the pain. Thus, promoting overall wellness.  Besides, it also helps release natural chemicals into the body. Again, this helps reduce the pain.

Treatment focuses on improving energy and restoring biochemical balance. It will help stimulate the natural healing abilities of the body and promote emotional and physical wellness.

2. Changes brain chemistry

Acupuncture treatment offers results by modifying the brain chemistry. It helps to change the brain by altering the release of the neurotransmitter—this guaranteed improved overall functioning of the body.

Besides, it promotes the release of natural chemicals, which can help change the pain experience or guarantee the release of other chemicals or hormones that can influence the body’s internal regulating system.

3. Clears body blockage

Acupuncture is a medical treatment followed for ages that believe that the energy channel inside the body is blocked when pain occurs. The treatment helps improve these blockages. Thus, allowing the energy to flow again smoothly throughout the body. This means after two to three treatments, you will get an overall good health.


Acupuncture is known to offer comfort and relief in a short time. The treatment is now opted by numerous patients who wish to relieve the issue from its root. It is now an alternative medicine option. However, this must not be the last resort. When you consider taking acupuncture for your back pain issue, you will guarantee relief quickly. But make sure you visit a good professional center for acupuncture in Denver. Certified professionals must only do the treatment to guarantee a better rate of recovery. If you are ready to find out what acupuncture treatment can do for your low back pain issue, make sure to research well to find a good center and schedule an appointment for proper assistance.

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