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It’s frankly unnerving to see the number of people forfeiting their health because of the lack of ‘time’. Yes, we get it. You are successful and have a lot of things to do. You are an image of Secretary McCord. Duty over health. But really, it’s not cool. Let this blog be the 100th one telling you how important it is to ensure that you get the right medical attention when you need it. But unlike every other blog, this blog will actually tell you HOW you can achieve it! We know it’s practically impossible (not to mention expensive) to hire wellness coaches and fitness experts to care for you, but you can do all of it for yourself just with the help of your Smartphone’s app.

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Start your day with App

The worst possible way to wake up is with a silly alarm clock. This can be snoozed. All the time. Till you are late. Stop relying on those apps and get yourself one of the “this plays till you” kind of apps. Some alarm apps these days only turn off when you take a picture of a particular item or scenery pre-registered in the app, for example, your balcony. Others have a more mind awakening approach that requires you to solve a puzzle or play a mini-game in order to turn it off. By the time you have done it, you are wide awake.

Make a breakfast

Get dressed and fill your belly with a nice breakfast. Get over yourselves. You aren’t going to make through until lunch hour. So, download a simple breakfast recipe app and use it to begin your day in a healthy way.

Get to work

Why drive when you can use an app to get a cab at economical prices? With rising traffic and parking charges, carpooling seems to be the best option. Now with apps like UBER, not only can you book a cab to get to work, but you can also share the ride with someone else at much lower rates.

Manage work

Stop relying on your notepads for everything. Use your Smartphone as a proper digital assistant to take notes in specialized apps that can generate reports, create graphs etc. Set appointment reminders, highlight important tasks or send group memos around the office with the correct apps.

Get your beautician at your home

Worried about reaching late to your friend’s party and still not had a makeup, no worrying more. You can easily book your beauty expert through beauty on demand app. Let your beautician know the services you want and he/she will provide you whatever you want for your makeup. If you do not require a beauty expert, you can also get some tips from them through consulting them via app.

Pack up and get dinner

Order food delivery through any of the trending food delivery apps so that you don’t have to cook at home. If you are a health fanatic (chances are you aren’t) you can also order groceries etc. so that you can make your own meal at home.

Chemist on your Phone

Most of the time it happens that while travelling your doctor’s prescribed medicine are out of stock. Those medicines which are not easily available on roadside medical shops. But with the help of medicine app, you can order your medicine online at any place you want. Not only you will get the medicines but will also get the whole knowledge about the medicine and its usage too.

Wash your clothes

Yup, there’s an app for that too! Use an app to get your laundry picked up and delivered free of cost. With pricing per pound, this app seems to make life a lot easy for working people.

Go to bed

Sleep tracking apps help you understand the sleep patterns of your body. It will allow you to get the hang of how you should sleep, when do you sleep the best and how productive are you when you sleep a particular number of hours.

Call the doctor

In case your health isn’t peachy, you can use a doctor appointment booking app as well. This app will allow you to specify the kind of sickness you are experiencing and booking an appointment with the doctor for the same. There are other on demand urgent care app that helps you to call for the services of a doctor (pertaining to your problem) immediately at your home to treat emergencies.

Renovate your House

House renovation is really a tough task and in house renovation, paint job is the most difficult one. Home interior painting requires an expert’s skills to keep the paint equal on each wall. With help of house painting apps, you can hire a professional or a professional team of house painter to paint your home interior. Simply select the services you want and the painter will reach your place according to your requested time.

Startup on the way

If you are planning to get out of the cycle of a 9 to 5 job, then it’s probably time for you to launch your own business. In order to do this, you must have an app. Studies indicate that app-based businesses are doing much better these days as more and more people are relying on these solutions for their daily needs. The time is ripe, and there are many Android and iOS app developers that you can find on the internet. Pick out an idea, launch your own app and be on your way to success.

Well, this is how mobile app can make you live your life with so much ease. Mobile application has actually changed our lives through managing all the minor tasks and letting us do our primary jobs.

There are thousands of apps right now in the market from which you can achieve lot of benefits and can complete your day to day task easily. Few are paid but many are few of cost. So just download them, follow a simple registration process and enjoy the services while sitting at home.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.