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The taxi industry is expanding day by day. Every day a new taxi service providing company is launching their services in the market. Well, uber is known to be the largest app-based taxi servicing providing firm all around the world. It was founded in San Francisco that rapidly got the grip on to the market as in many cities of United States. But soon, Uber started facing competition from the new entrants. Uber has faced many issues when it was launched in France in 2015.

The local drivers went violent and protested against the uber. Very soon the anti-user protest becomes the guerrilla warfare. Many uber drivers’ taxis were damages and were also set on fire. It was not a good year for uber as to tackle uber, new app-based taxi service providing company came in action. It is LeCab taxi app that came against Uber in the market of France.

LeCab was a simple taxi service providing company. It provides a simple taxi booking service as well as hiring a private car too. This business came into the market with two aims; first, one is keeping uber away from France. The second one was to make the local people of France tension free from taxi problems.

LeCab came out with very luxurious cars i.e., Peugeot 508. Peugeot car is quite expensive and has great objects to keep the driver as well as the rider safe. LeCab introduced new less gas consuming technology in their cars; the e-HDI technology even helps the vehicle to restart 40% faster than normal vehicles. The cars are even equipped with the portable entertainment systems and that entertainment system is iPads. It’s every car is equipped with an iPad that is just for the entertainment of rider. Riders can watch movies, can listen to music, can experience the overall city through city guide app, and many other entertainment apps.

What are the benefits of LeCab Taxi app?

  • If you are in Paris and looking further for booking a ride, you just have to download this app, register yourself book a ride. Within five minutes, your ride will be at your location. The response time of LeCab is very quick, and it even shows that there are many rides that are all around the cities of France. LeCab has invested a lot to make the ride experience top quality.
  • Have you ever registered yours as well as your family members profile from one single account on any of the taxi service apps? Obviously not because they are not a taxi service app available except one. Yes, through LeCab, you can register your multiple profiles from one single account and that is actually a great thing.
  • Many people do not have a credit card and taxi booking apps like uber only allow payment through credit cards. Now, this situation annoys many riders. With taking special care of the riders, LeCab allowed the payment through cash as well as cards also.
  • If any problem occurs while booking a ride through the ride, LeCab also has a dedicated phone line for booking their ride.

Taxi Business Like LeCab

LeCab is actually a very strong competitor of Uber and is making a good business in France till yet. If you too have a robust plan like LeCab than make sure you contact an app providing company today for purchasing app like LeCab. Get ready-made clone and make taxi business large.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.