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Lab Technician Course Fees: Job Role, Eligibility, And Career Scope

Lab Technician Course Fees: Job Role, Eligibility, And Career Scope

A lab technician is a skilled person in the medical field. They are experts in medical laboratory science. A lab technician is also known as a paramedical health professional. Some of the other professionals that fall under this category are anesthesia technicians, operation theatre technicians, radiography technicians, and so on. 

After completing a professional medical certificate course, one can turn into a certified lab technician. Those who like to serve the community in the medical field can join the DMLT course, ADMLT course, and BMLT course. 

What Do You Mean By The Term Medical Lab Technology 

Medical laboratory technology is a part of medical science that deals with pathological and microscopic tests of the various tissues and cells in your body. All the tests are done through different processes, methods, and equipment. Those trained guys who are experts in this field are known as lab technologists. These medical professionals support the doctors during diagnosis. They provide services such as blood collection, conducting tests, preparing reports, and informing the doctors about the patient’s health condition.

Generally, the medical lab technician works with the healthcare experts as a team. Some of the examples of healthcare professionals are surgeons, nurses, dentists, physicians, and dentists. They work together as a collaborative force. They play an important role in diagnosing, checking, and assessing the health condition of the patient. The service provided by the lab technician helps the doctor to plan the course of action of the treatment. Undoubtedly, the importance of these healthcare experts cannot be ignored, and the demand for them will increase later in the future. 

What Is The Job Role Of The Medical Laboratory?

After completing the certificate course of DMLT, ADMLT, and BMLT you will be certified as a laboratory technician. You will be able to conduct a clinical test and operate many highly modern technologies.

Following here are some of the duties that a professional medical laboratory technician needs to perform:

1.Extraction and evaluation of body fluids samples and testing those fluids.

2. Testing different types of blood samples and diagnosing the changes in the body.

3. Doing various kinds of tests such as evaluating blood composition, enzymes, hormones, and much more.

4. Matching and grouping blood samples 

5. Culturing and identifying different types of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses, that affect the body and cause infections. 

In short, a medical lab technician helps the doctors and provides all the information about the patient. 

Career Scope of Medical Laboratory Technician

There is a vast scope of medical laboratory technicians in the future. You will find several reasons to take a medical certification course. If you choose your career in the medical field, you will definitely get a decent job opportunity. Some of the areas where a medical laboratory technician are needed such as:

Hospital laboratories 

Red cross society

Educational establishment

Government hospitals

Government and private clinic 

Non-Governmental Organisation

Private company 

Blood banks 

How Much Can You Expect?

As a trainee, you can work in a private laboratory or hospital, and you may get around between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month. The salary may appear a little low, but when you will become experienced and skilled, you will enjoy a handsome salary. However, the range of salary in a government sector may differ from a private sector. Apart from salary, you will get other facilities such as ESI, PF, and other health care advantages. 

How Can You Become A Medical Laboratory Technician? 

If you want to become a medical laboratory technician, you have to contact a reputed college or educational institution in Delhi to get admission. There are various courses available through which you can turn into a laboratory specialist. For instance, you can join classes like DMLT, ADMLT, or BMLT. Each of these courses has different fees structure, criteria, and duration. DMLT is a diploma certification course of 1-year, ADMLT is an advanced course of 2 years, and BMLT is a bachelor’s degree for a 3-year period. 

In all these courses you will be given both practical and theoretical classes. Both practical and theoretical knowledge is important for you to excel. This will help you to prepare for future challenges so that you can tackle any emergency situation efficiently. You need to fulfil a few criteria before taking admission to a college for degree and diploma courses in Delhi.  

For taking admission to DMLT, and ADMLT, you need to have a higher secondary degree in science. And you need to have physics, chemistry, and biology as your main subject. There are few institutes in India where you can get admission only if you have scored 50 percent and above during your higher secondary exams. These courses are also provided across India also.

Phlebotomy Technician Course Fees

The Phlebotomy Technician Course Fees  structure of admitting yourself in any course depends on various factors like the type of institution, it may be government or private. Government institutions charge less money than the private educational sector. Apart from this, the rating of college, tuition fees, also determine the overall cost of the course.  

Important Skillset for Medical Laboratory Technician

Students who get a degree in Medical laboratory technology get career options in hospitals, commercial laboratories, and nursing homes as laboratory experts. These are the areas for young students to carry on their research and experiments. If you want to pursue your career in the medical field, and if you want to know more about lab technician course fees you can take admission to a well-recognised college in Delhi.

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