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UAE is globally known for its welcoming environment for fresh and young entrepreneurs with tremendous and various opportunities and incubated incentive schemes to help newly launched businesses to grow and thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. With a phenomenally attractive tax apparatus that includes almost zero percent on corporate and personal incomes. The United Arab Emirates is the perfect location to trade with Asia, Europe, North Africa, and beyond. Such an opportunistic environment becomes a nest of great success stories from all fields. Initiating business in UAE has helped evolve many deportees into successful entrepreneurs. The regime has ensured that the Dubai free zone, Abu Dubai, Ajman Media City free zone, and other major cities of the emirates are investor-friendly for the development and growth of businesses. Over the years specifically, Dubai has provided one of the top business platforms around the globe. This is the reason why many foreigners are popping and initiating businesses in the city of dreams.

Looking for new businesses in Dubai or Ajman free zone? Short of ideas? Below is a list of 10 potential startup ideas to ease down the concern a bit;


The United Arab Emirates is a hub of infrastructure, with new projects happening every then and now. With the continuously increasing graph of; industrial units, skyscrapers, hotels, resorts, malls, and so on, one can try their luck in the construction industry. A construction startup requires a very small investment and does not demand a huge office initially. Therefore, a construction business brings the excellent embryonic potential to build a position in the world of business in the United Arab of Emirates. With the correct amount of guidelines, planning, experience, and investment, one can enter the window of great scope in the construction business. 


The beauty of every city is its heavy-duty traffic with busy and timely schedules. This is why the inhabitants and residents of the busy cities of the United Arab emirates opt to avoid driving themselves and depend on cabs and taxis more, pouring a huge jug of opportunity for those who are interested in starting up a transport business in the emirates. The thriving city and its busy roads demand fast yet stylish and luxury transport options to move from one place to another. Residents and inhabitants with valid driving licenses can easily earn and generate money with such a business. Certain taxi hubs lend cars to hired drivers and earn money daily. The business of transport demands a good piece of investment. Quality and luxury cars with experienced and well-disciplined drivers can immensely boost and thrive the business.   


Cleaning service may not sound so fancy, but life in UAE requires services like these regularly. The schedules and lifestyles are so hectic that cleaning chores remain undone. For that purpose, people hire cleaning teams at their offices and homes. Hence it has become one of the most smooth businesses of UAE. The service includes all sorts of cleaning and it is the most demanded service at restaurants, hotels, and cafes. In situations like these, the cleaning companies are hired over contacts of a certain period. This business is highly demanded and does not demand a huge office; instead requires a controlled initial investment.


Suppose anyone is a qualified beautician or a certified makeup artist; in that case, one must go for this small setup business because it has all the potential to grow and prosper with less investment, a lot of hard work, and devotion. This way, it can expand organically with a gradual process. Women all around the globe, especially in the UAE, love beautifying themselves and can never compromise over it. 


Consultancy degrees with sufficient experience in a specific field are required in the UAE, with many foreigners and ex-pats seeking a future in the emirates. This profitable business demands a single room office hence cuts down a big fat investment and can be easily initiated. Moreover, in times of COVID-19, such businesses can be held online with much ease and proper SOP’s. Therefore, this business can grow steadily and prosper over tie with correct scheduling and, of course, consultation.


Factotum is an odd jobber who does all kinds of work who is also known as a handyman in simple language. This business is yet another much-demanded almost everywhere in the UAE.  One can initiate such a setup with a very small amount of money with a single room. It is beneficial to be properly informed regarding the free zone visas in case of such business beforehand. Otherwise, a factotum business is initially the best option for the ex-pats.


After the pandemic struck, the most profitable businesses in UAE are running online. MAKATEB gives you also freelance visa Ajman in Dubai for your business. From branding to services, e-commerce solutions are the key behind every successful door. The advantage behind such a business is that it does not require any huge investment and does not hold much loss. The growth of e-commerce solutions is exceptional due to the covid pandemic and its required SOP’s. 


Like any other country, food is one of the basic needs and a huge part of the culture in UAE too. Moreover, UAE provides many opportunities to its ex-pats since it comprises a mixture of nationalities and taste buds. Hence, the people of the UAE love experimenting with new tastes regularly. Such habits promote and boost all food selling setups. Consequently, food with good quality becomes a huge success in no time. The restaurant business is by fortune one of the most running businesses in UAE.


With numerous incoming immigrants with families and bachelors, the real estate agency opens another business field in the region. Starting a business in UAE that accommodates real estate services in residential, commercial, and industrial fields holds a success validity for sure.


With an extremely hectic lifestyle and schedules, the concern of new parents is to have a reliable daycare where they can drop their infants. Keep in mind that good daycare is a huge investment. It demands good quality interior and baby needs. However, it is one of the most demanded lookouts for residents of the UAE.

Startups in UAE

Earning and living in UAE are affordable and easy. Whether it is a male or female, both can only survive with certain expenditures if dealt with smartly. Initiating startups and businesses in the UAE is comparatively more convenient than in other foreign countries. The overall expenditures and requirements depend on how big the plan is. If anyone plans to begin their business with a limited budget, the requirements criteria will certainly be different. 

The procedures of getting the permits for initiating a startup do not need an expert eye but surely require official and legal documents. The law of UAE does not bear any dupe, delude or hoodwink; hence it is highly recommended to get a specialist involved.

Involving a specialist requires many important, legal, and original documents. First, a brief description of the business is about to begin, and the specialist will deal with the rest. Once all the documentative work is completed, they report back with the approvals.

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