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Many families have difficulty coming up with enough activities to do at home with kids. Especially when children are smartphone addicts and school is about to start. In this situation, you might be worried How Can You Encourage Your Kids to Be More Active? Get some useful tips for encouraging your kids to participate in physical activity by reading this post.

Maintaining Regular Activity for Your Kids at Home is Important

Every age group, especially kids, should maintain physical activity. Daily physical activity helps children grow as strong, happy and healthy. So helping your kids to engage in regular physical activity can improve their heart and breeding, control their weight, and lower their blood pressure. Also, it lowers the possibility that children would get dangerous health conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and others. Additionally, it improves general mental health and decreases the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

How much exercise is enough for kids?

Every day, children need to participate in physical activities for at least 60 minutes. That can seem like a lot for a school day, but it doesn’t have to finish all at once. Additionally, there are numerous ways to fit in activity throughout the day.

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The morning might be a better time for physical activities.

What about just after school? Just keep in mind that a little here and a little there add up over the duration of the day. Your kids can meet the physical activities goal if you can help them to start slow. 

You can break up a 60-minute activity into smaller chunks. And encourage them to complete a portion at once throughout the day.

Before School

Create a positive atmosphere for the day! Kids can fit in a quick activity before school in a variety of ways.

  • Take the dog on a walk.
  • Do yoga/Meditation or morning stretches.
  • Play their favorite song and let them dance around the living room. You should also join them.
  • Encourage them to bike or walk to school.

During a School Day.

If the kids can find ways to be active at school, talk about it with them. If not, focus on encouraging them to be more active after school.

Do they have a break?

Encourage them to use the playground equipment and play active games. Like climbing, sliders, football are great for muscular strength

Do they attend a daily physical education class?

Encourage them to attain daily physical education class in school. You should also discuss How much time do they spend moving in physical education? And what did they do?

Check out your kids’ school if they haven’t a physical education class or breaks? If not, Try to talk to the school teacher to start PT class.

After School

Let the games begin when the school day ends! Encourage children to get active after school with friends, family, teams, or on their own.

  • Taking a bike or walking after school.
  • Playing team sports, such as basketball or soccer. Basketball and other sports are excellent for strengthening bones.
  • Active after-school programme, like swimming or karate.
  • Riding bikes or playing outside while engaging in physical activity.

In Evening 

Try to find some few minutes as the day comes to a close to engage in some exercise as a family. Doing physical activities with your kids has health benefits for both of you!

  • Before or after dinner, go for a walk.
  • Start a dance party for the family.

Set an example for your kids.

Perform your dance moves, show some yoga positions, or teach them in your favorite sport. Kids might want to try exercising if they see you enjoying it.

I’m done! There are many ways you’ve learned to add more activity to your day.

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