Jewish Budapest tour

Budapest is a beautiful place and everybody must visit it at least once. One of the beautiful place for Jewish people who are looking for the best destination where they can celebrate Passover vacations. The biggest problem for Jewish travelers during the time of Passover is the availability of kosher food. Thus, most Jewish people do deep research related to the selected destinations. They used to track kosher shops, restaurants, bakeries, hotels before selecting any vacation spot. 

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and this place is bisected by the River Danube. In the 10th century, a bridge was constructed over this river for connecting two different lands. This Chain bridge has connected the hilly regions of Buda district with flat Pest.

The cable car is used to reach Castle Hill to Buda’s Old Town. In this town, there is one Budapest History Museum that will describe you’re the earlier times of this regions. This museum shows the history traces from Roman times onwards.

Trinity Square is a place in Budapest where you will find the Matthias Church and Bastion Fishermen turrets. According to the population survey done in 2011, it is observed that there is approximately 1.731 million populations. Budapest’s history starts with Aquincum. This place is known as the most beautiful city in Europe. Budapest is rich in World Heritage sites such as banks of the Danube, Andrássy Avenue, the Buda Castle Quarter, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, and the second-oldest metro line in the world.

You may be surprised by knowing that this place has approximately 80 geothermal springs. This place is comprised of the world’s largest thermal water cave system. In addition to this, it has the world’s second-largest Synagogues where every Jew wants to visit and the third-largest building of the parliament.

According to the survey, Budapest attracts approximately 4.4 million tourists every year. Budapest is rich in galleries and museums. There are various exhibitions and museum galleries in Budapest, especially during the summer season. Budapest boasts of having more than 113 museums and galleries. These museums present the history of Hungary and also represent its culture. These museums also represent the Universal and European culture. The best place in Budapest for Jews is the interior of the Orthodox Synagogue. Budapest is must visit place for all Jews.

Take a 2- to a 3-hour walking tour of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter and absorb  rich history of area. Visit the Holocaust Cemetery, the Jewish Museum, and  Dohány Street Synagogue, third-largest synagogue in  world, among others. Your guide will discuss the important role that Jewish community has played in the country’s economic, cultural and political life  why their history has been so entwined with  history of Budapest and Hungary as  whole

Jewish Budapest tour

The Budapest tour is comprised of a visit to various historical places, spiritual sites, and many more. The thriving Jewish community form approximately one-fourth of Budapest’s population before WWII. If you want to be a part of the Jewish Budapest tour, you should contact the tour operators of Passover programs. You should tell the destination where you want to Passover vacations. In the Jewish Budapest tour, the guide will describe the history of this place from the 18th century. The Jews in Budapest have played a significant role in the social modernization and economic advancement of this city. The guide will also explain the harrowing persecution of Jews in the 20th-century genocide. During this tour when you will pass the kosher shops and restaurants, you will find out the Jewish culture and communities are evolving. Jewish Budapest tour is described below:

  • This Jewish Budapest journey at the square where Theodor Herzl, father of modern Zionism was born.
  • After that, you should visit Dohány Street Synagogue. It is one of the largest worship places in Europe. Once you have explored this street Synagogue, then start moving with your guide and visit the Temple of Heroes, Memorial Park, and Jewish Museum. All these are situated in one complex.  
  • After this, your guide will take you to the neighboring Ghetto Wall Memorial. It was built in the year 2014. Then, visit the luxurious Mikve and Art Nouveau orthodox synagogue, situated in Kazinczy Street.
  • The next visit would be Rumbach Street Synagogue and here you will discover the history of the Status Quo Ante stream of Judaism.  
  • At last, this tour will be concluded at the Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial. At this place, Jewish people have lost their lives. You will feel that the Budapest Jewish community needs revitalization.

Budapest has “Jewish Observant Friendly” establishments where Jewish guests can have Shabbat meals and perfect accommodations as well. If you are a history buff and love to visit historical places, then Budapest is a perfect choice.

By Anurag Rathod

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