Everything You Need To Know About Jewish Budapest Tour

Jewish Budapest tour

Budapest is a beautiful place and everybody must visit it at least once. One of the beautiful place for Jewish people who are looking for the best destination where they can celebrate Passover vacations. The biggest problem for Jewish travelers during the time of Passover is the availability of kosher food. Thus, most Jewish people … Read more

10 Major Passover Food Failures

Passover Food Failures

Just like any other Jewish holiday, the Passover programholds the 8-day long celebration for Passover (Pesach) and no festival is complete without good food. Celebration demands good food be served along with keeping all the culinary traditions in mind. During this period, the people remember the story and fight of Jews against slavery and their … Read more


passover salad

We are certain that there are plenty of you out there reading, who are vegan or dairy-free and are always in need of a Passover-friendly potluck dish that you can eat. It will take you back into the sweet memories of the Passover programs. This Moroccan Quinoa and Carrot Salad is it. And although it is Moroccan-inspired, … Read more