Passover Food Failures

Just like any other Jewish holiday, the Passover programholds the 8-day long celebration for Passover (Pesach) and no festival is complete without good food. Celebration demands good food be served along with keeping all the culinary traditions in mind. During this period, the people remember the story and fight of Jews against slavery and their escape.

Food items like wheat, barley, rye, oats, and spelt are to be avoided for the celebration. One can include matzo which is also known as matza or matzah is consumed. It is a traditional unleavened flatbread and holds a strong symbolic figure during Passover programs along with many other delicious Passover recipes. However, before we look at these recipes, we should talk about the 10 major Passover food failures in the recent time:

  1. Wrapping matzoh balls with bacon. 
  2. Providing unnecessary labels on bacon products.
  3. Serving “kosher for Passover” pizza for school children.
  4. Garnishing the beautiful brisket with coconut husk or cheese.
  5. Offering a bread-o-riffic Passover menu which is a desperate attempt.
  6. Preparing menu cards without keeping in mind the right tradition. 
  7. Serving crackers with prawns as a pre-Seder appetizer.
  8. Decorating a Seder plate without shank bone and putting non-required food items in it.
  9. Producing cereal in the market especially for the occasion. Cereal without fat, flour, or cholesterol is a big no.
  10.  Making a Passover lunch with a cheeseburger and putting matzoh instead of bread.

Since we have talked about the 10 food failures, it’s time to look at the 5 mouth-watering recipes loved dearly during the kosher travel 2021:

Wine Braised Beef Brisket

This recipe will give you a delight of super tender, juicy, and flavorful meat. The brisket is the favorite of the crowd and is the perfect start for the long day ahead. Choose the red wine of your taste to give a nice accompaniment to the meal.

Gefilte Fish

Take any year, pick any venue, choose any traditional style and you will see that no Passover meal is completed without putting a gefilte fish plate in front of you. Nicely tossed carrots and parsley will go perfect here in garnishing. However, make sure you are neither eating nor serving the gefilte fish that comes in the glass jars at the nearest grocery stores. Going along with a homemade recipe will keep the flavors fresh and is enough to uplift your mood. The gefilte fish is no lesser than a cake that is made from salmon, snapper, and cod, with vegetables and seasons that are finely braised with a broth full of flavors. You can serve this gefilte fish chilled or even at neutral room temperature with the topping of horseradish.

Matzo Ball Soup

The member of the top chef of Passover states that matzoh ball soup is the real deal. Here you can bring in authentic Jewish-style chicken as the making. And most of the crowd seems to agree that this bowl of homemade chicken soup with matzoh balls is simply unbelievable and cannot resist the taste. If you are in a rush or getting late for something, the best bet would be to use high-quality chicken broth as a shortcut. But before that, refrigerate matzoh balls before cooking for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. By doing so, the mixture will form a perfect bond and the balls won’t fall apart when set in broth.


Matzah can be found in abundance during holidays at the grocery store but it is advisable to prepare a homemade recipe for matzah. Since there is an absence of a leavening agent for this flatbread, it can be put together within a few minutes.

Haroset for Passover

This recipe came into the tradition in the online world recently and people can describe it as “sweet and tasty Haroset brought in the serving by putting in apples, cinnamon, honey, and sweet wine.” Haroset is being the traditional part of all the Seder plate and carries a larger symbol for the mortar used by Jewish slaves during the slavery period and the pyramid building in Egypt. If you have planned to prepare the Haroset then we tell you that it can be done ahead of time since there is nothing wrong if it’s served chilled or at room temperature with Matza.

By Anurag Rathod

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