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Is Massage Gun Massage Suitable For All People Who Like To Exercise ?

Is Massage Gun Massage Suitable For All People Who Like To Exercise ?

It is also worth noting that massage is rarely the only universal way to treat / prevent something. In a number of scientific works related to the topic of sports recovery, 

Internal cases confirm that massage was effective in treating herniated discs and relieving back pain, but it was also used as part of treatment, along with pool and exercise therapy sessions. 

Which of this played a decisive role is not known. Attempts to comprehend this from a scientific point of view have been carried out, and the conclusions are not the most reassuring.

After analyzing studies over several years, a group of scientists came to an ambiguous conclusion: massage is difficult to recommend as an independent means of treating low back pain. Treat, in general, as you want: massage is not effective?

The massage effective in parallel with other techniques?

percussion muscle massage gun, like many foreign trends, came to us with a delay, so a lot of them appeared at once. And immediately a lot of questions arose regarding efficiency and safety.

Deeply effective vibration massage thanks to intelligent massage heads

Another big plus: this deep stimulating massage has a soothing and immediate relaxing effect. To do this, you can choose between four different power levels and four massage heads. 

Each head is suitable for a specific area of muscles. The small massage gun is so compact that you can really take it with you wherever you go.

 So that you are not only well equipped, but also save money.xpeVisit a physiotherapist or massage eur. Say goodbye to sore muscle areas and achieve quick, deep relaxation. Get to new heights faster.

Convenient and easy to use

Highest standards at all levels. Thoughtful features in a high-quality, user-friendly design. With just one button, you control the entire device. 

The small massage gun works almost silently, allowing for even more effective relaxation. However, the The built-in power motor provides up to 3200 strokes per minute, depending on the setting, and the powerful 2,000 mAh battery allows up to 16 hours of operation. 

The battery can be easily charged using the included USB-C charging cable. 

Health Benefits of Massage Gun

muscles can be significantly relaxed in 1-2 minutes thanks to the compact mini massage gun. Thus, massage supports the muscle recovery process after exercise and relieves pain in tense muscles. With regular use, you can not only optimize blood circulation, but also increase muscle elasticity many times over. Ultimately, these properties will help to effectively increase muscle growth.

Application of the massage gun

The massage gun is suitable both before and after your workout. Pre-workout use prepares muscles and reduces the risk of injury during workout. After a long workout, muscle groups are often peroxidized and need a regeneration phase in order to fully restore their performance. The massage gun accelerates this phase and thus helps to continuously expand the range of possibilities. 

How is the small massage gun used?

The massage gun is ideal for DIY use. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to reach all parts of the body, including the back and neck. The muscles are gently massaged with vibration and light pressure. The inte After the workout, it relaxes tense and overoxidized muscles and accelerates the regeneration phase.

Who is the massage gun suitable for?

The massage gun is suitable for all people who like to exercise or want to get rid of tight muscles – whether they are an athlete or a professional athlete. 

A gentle massage of the device is especially useful for people who stand or sit for a long time in everyday life. I

n physical therapy, alternative medicine, and chiropractic, the massage gun has long been a popular conservative pain management tool. 

Thanks to various massage heads and settings, the mini massage gun is individually adjustable and helps with muscle tension as well as backpain.

What to look for when using a small massage gun?

 you cannot massage the spine directly. The device should also always be used with caution, with light pressure and gentle movements. The recommended maximum massage time for a part of the body is limited to 4 minutes.

Do not use the mini massage gun in the following cases:

  • In case of open wounds
  • For tissue diseases
  • In case of pregnancy
  • When the fractures haven’t healed
  • In case of thrombosis
  • In case of high blood pressure
  • With varicose veins

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