iPhone Data Recovery

Have you at any point met the problem of losing your records on your phone abruptly? All the photos, messages, contacts and documents were no more. Try not to stress, this guide will reveal to you how to recover your iPhone information. 

How to get back the basic lost data? 

By and large, there are typically 3 different ways to recover the data of your phone as indicated by the various circumstances. 

1. Data recovery from the dead motherboard 

This methodology for iPhone data recovery service is basically for those phones which are truly damaged, without iCloud backup, cannot turn on, or even with the dead motherboard, of your phone or motherboard is damaged, the circumstance would be more worse, you need to motherboard fix.

2. Data recovery with iCloud 

This is essentially for the phones with iCloud backup. 

3. Data recovery with programming 

This methodology is for the phone in great conditions, yet data is erased thoughtlessly. 

The manner in which 2 and 3 are not difficult to tackle, you can look through the solutions from Google, yet here we will introduce how to recover data from your dead phone even dead motherboard today. 

You Can Recover Data From Dead Iphone By Following Strategies 

Dropping your iPhone is certainly not a lovely experience. Yet, there are numerous occurrences where you or your partners continue to drop their iPhone. If your iPhone is dead, you’re likely thinking about how to recover data from the messed up/dead iPhone? On that note, this is what you can do?

1. Fixed/Repair iPhone 

If your dead iPhone is as yet under guarantee, approach the closest Apple service center for fixing dead iPhone. The fixing cost may shift for various kinds of iPhone models. Be that as it may, there is zero chance of data recovery. 

2. Restore your data from iCloud backup 

Another great alternative is to restore your data from iCloud or essentially move data to your new iPhone. Simply sign in your iCloud account with the legitimate Apple ID and recover every one of your data. 

If you don’t have an iCloud backup or haven’t empowered it yet, at that point guarantee to empower it to keep away from data loss issues in future. 

3. Recover your documents from the backup drive 

If you have put away duplicates of your data on backup drives like outside hard drives, pen drives, and so forth at that point, associate them to your system and recover every one of your data. Ensure that you have a updated backup; else there is no utilization for it.

Below are the steps that can help you with data recovery:

Stage 1 – Confine the motherboard from the phone 

Stage 2 – Detach the A8 CPU, EEPROM and NAND Flash from the dead motherboard. If it’s not too much trouble, manage these 3 chips cautiously, on the grounds that the all-around performed 3 chips are an unquestionable requirement of effective data recovery. 

Stage 3 – Clean the separated 3 chips with rosin, BGA glue motion, PCB cleaner, patch iron and the extremely sharp steel. 

Stage 4 – BGA rebelling 

Stage 5 – Disengage the A8 CPU, NAND Flash, EEPROM from the new motherboard 

Stage 6 – Introduce the 3 chips disengaged from the broken motherboard to the new one 

Stage 7- Introduce the motherboard to the phone and test if the data recovery effectively


Well, with the end of this blog, it would be easy for you to identify efficient and effective steps in recovering data from a dead iPhone. Contact Althawra Computers for repair your Gadgets.

By Anurag Rathod

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