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Why is Instagram good for making money?

Why is Instagram good for making money?

Today Instagram is a must-have for everyone. If a business does not have an Instagram profile, the company is missing out on a piece of the market and giving its audience to competitors. This creates an incredible demand for advertising on the social network.

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Here are 7 main reasons why Instagram business is profitable and effective:

  •  Show the face of the brand. With Instagram, you can make communication with customers more personal.
  •  Expert reputation. Deliver useful information to your audience, earn an expert reputation and thereby increase brand loyalty.
  •  Data collection. The social network provides many tools for collecting data about the target audience and their preferences, which allows you to study your customers and interact with them more subtly.
  • Traffic generation. Instagram can be an effective source of the traffic to your website, blog, and other social media accounts.
  • Active sales. Instagram allows you to effectively communicate USP, promptly notify about promotions, and the possibility of a beautiful presentation encourages users to make impulsive purchases.
  • High engagement rate. Correctly crafted creatives allow you to engage users, create viral content and stay visible.
  • Impressions in real-time. Instagram has the ability to run live broadcasts, which is useful for many areas of business. In addition, they can be used to conduct quizzes and various competitions.

Instagram is the most dynamically developing social network with a young and active audience. Today, Instagram is visited by over 500 million users, and experts assure that their number will only grow in the future.

Business ideas on Instagram

Instagram is open to any business and especially to those who can create attractive visual content from their products. Here are just a few ideas on how you can make money on Instagram:

  • AR masks

Making turnkey AR masks with Spark AR Studio is one of the most attractive niches out there. For the creation of one mask, brands are ready to pay from 2 thousand rubles, and complex work with the development of creatives and promotion is even more expensive.

  • Design

 Account design requirements are constantly increasing. Today people are willing to pay for an attractive profile design, conceptualization, and branding.

  • Photographer for Instagram

Beautiful photos are very important for successful promotion on this social network, so bloggers and brands are forced to turn to professionals for services.

  • Comprehensive services 

Many brands are looking for a turnkey solution to Instagram market entry. If you know how to draw up a concept, develop ad creative’s, develop and administer an account, this niche is for you.

  • Selling your goods and services

On Instagram, it is easy to sell anything that can be displayed beautifully.

  • Earnings from advertising

Having a promoted account, you can earn by placing advertising posts of various brands.

  • Account promotion

Having achieved excellence in the promotion of accounts, you can offer the services of an SMM manager and promote pages to others for a fee.

Tips and nuances

The audience on Instagram is loyal, but you’ll have to fight for their attention.

  • Share exclusive

There are a lot of interesting profiles on Instagram. If you want to stand out, you need to be able to surprise.

  • Interact with subscribers

Respond to comments, put likes and comments, ask questions. Remember that this is a social network and it was created for communication.

  • Give gifts

Thank your subscribers for their support by running contests, promotions, and sweepstakes.

  • Don’t forget about hashtags

You can’t go without hashtags, because they will help you create various categories in your account and attract user traffic to your page.


A huge daily audience of highly engaging users makes Instagram one of the best platforms for businesses is A user-friendly interface and many useful business tools allow users to start their own business on Instagram with a minimal investment of time and almost no investment. It is only important to delve into the atmosphere of this social network and find your own unique style.

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