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Gujarat is one of the most vibrant and colorful states of India. Located peacefully on the westernmost edge of the Indian subcontinent, this state is famous for its religious value, spiritual aspect, and of course the incredible natural beauty. What holds all these charms together is the deep-seated culture and traditions that have been preserved by the local Gujaratis and continue to hold it at a high place in their lives.

The heritage and culture of Gujarat are inescapable and can be easily felt from the moment you step in. A hub for people looking to know more about India, Gujarat never fails to disappoint. If you want to feel more acquainted during your holiday in Gujarat then here is some information about the culture and traditions of this wonderfully charming state.

Art and Craft of Gujarat

Gujarati culture is all about intricate embroidery, fine wood carving, famous stone works, and pretty jewelry. The iconic Patola Silk which is famous for its highly intricate works of handwoven patterns is made in the Patan district of Gujarat with utmost care and years of experience. The ‘Zari’ industry based in Surat is another famous work of embroidery in the world. In terms of art and crafts, every corner in Gujarat is highly mesmerizing.

Some other interesting art forms of art and patterns in the Gujarati Saree industry includes Chalak, Kangiri, and Tiki. It goes without saying that when you talk about the art and crafts of this wonderful state, mirror work should be a must mention. Also known as Abhala, these mirrors that are stuck skillfully on the fabric makes for a great option to wear on festive occasions.

Fair and Festivals in Gujarat

It goes without saying that in a state which is home to numerous different ethnicities and cultures, its fairs and festivals would be nothing short of a spectacle. Festivals are a time when the entire state celebrates uniqueness, oneness, and festivities together. Did you know that Gujarat is home to around 3500 different festivals and fairs that take place on a big and small basis? When you think about Gujarat the one thing that comes to mind is Navratri.

Flashy and grand celebrations are the way of celebration for every Gujarati. Another hugely and widely celebrated festival is Makar Sankranti where you can observe millions of colorful kites covering the Gujarati skies. Modhera Dance Festival that takes place in the legendary Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat.

Food of Gujarat

Food in Gujarat captures the heart and soul of the local Gujarati folks. Being a highly religious destination focussing mainly on the glory of the lord, this is a majorly vegetarian state. You can have a gala time here if you are a vegan. A simple traditional authentic Gujarati meal consists of a combination of sweet and savoury dishes that focuses on satisfying your palette.

The plate consists of Dal, Roti, Rice, Vegetable, Simple Salad, and Chaas. Most of the authentic Gujarati cuisines can seem similar to traditional Maharashtrian Dishes. Some of the famous Gujarati delicacies include Dal Dhokli, Undhiyu, Khakhra, Thepla, Fafda, Khandvi, etc. remember to try out the local street food of Gujarat or go on a food Trail.

Traditional Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

Just like the rest of India, Gujarati weddings are a massive deal and may be even one of the most awaited events in the life of the grooms and brides. The wedding rituals are the same as a Vedic marriage ritual. The wedding ceremony kickstarts traditionally by a ritual called Varghodo, a procession normally known as Bharat in North India.

All this is followed by Swagatam, Kanyadan and Ganesh puja. Vivaan or also known as Mangal Phera is the equivalent of Saat Phere. After the groom makes the bride wear the holy Mangalsutra, the Tilak ceremony is done on the wife’s forehead which makes her officially a Suhaag or married. Lastly, the couple takes the Ashirwad of both their parents to start off a fresh chapter in their life.

Ethnicity of Gujarati

Locals in Gujarat speak Gujarati. People of Gujarati ethnicity are primarily located in the northwestern belt of the Indian subcontinent which includes places like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. Other places inhabited widely by Gujaratis include Daman and Diu Island and Nagar Haveli as well as parts of Pakistan. Few Gujaratis who has moved to Pakistan during the division in 1947 have converted to Islam and make up for the communities of Memon, Bohra, and Khoja groups.

Gujarat is also home to different ethnic tribes near Hodka. Did you know that there is a tribe of African people now known as Siddis, have been residing in Gujarat over the years and have now adopted their way of life, language, and lifestyle? This just goes on to show the colorful mosaic of rich ethnicity that this state is home to.

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