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Here’s how:

You need a reality check right now.

It’s not necessary or either mandatory to spend ample amounts of money on business travel alone.

As a business, it’s always said that in-person communication is a must. While it is important, the entire process doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Business travels are tedious and expensive. From booking flight tickets to renting accommodation to travelling to meet clients, any form of travel related to business will cost you tons. What if we told you that you can still restore human communication and tap a wider audience?

This is possible with the use of video chats. Video chat has always been around but it was a tool considered mostly for personal use.

But the pandemic changed it. You’re aware that the pandemic is here to stay for a few more years, and travelling at the moment is a risky affair.

So how can you still improve your engagements while taping a wider market? Switching to video chat will be your smart move. To help you understand the perks of video chats, we have listed 6 industries (including yours) to give you a better picture of the results and benefits video chat can provide if incorporated.

Top 6 Industries Where Video Chat Can Prove To Be Beneficial 

1. Telemedicine sector

Previously for doctors to engage with patients, two types of communications were conducted, one was in-person engagement and the others were via phones or radios. Hence, if a doctor had to reach a patient who lived in the rural areas, traveling would take up most of their time, or engaging with them via phones would do the job.

In both cases, engagements were poor and the process to deliver quality healthcare services were late. 

So what would happen if video chats were used here?

With video chats, doctors and patient engagement would be one step easier. The telemedicine sector could build a live video chat app that caters to secure healthcare service delivery. For instance, following the HIPAA compliant chat  laws and more.

Apart from this, creating such live video call apps provides tons of other benefits such as reducing no shows to doctor consultations, immediate follow-up on critical patients, and doctors can easily prescribe medications based on the patient’s condition. With video calls, doctors can detect issues quickly and find a solution for the same and more.

2. Legal sector

Another sector that can benefit from the use of adding video conferencing to websites is the legal sector. The legal sector is not a simple process. Engaging with lawyers immediately means spending most of your days with them while pushing away your daily commitments.

There are multiple travels to collect witness testimonials and in case if the latter isn’t present it’s an indication of another long trip. 

So how can the use of a live video call app benefit here?

With video chat, lawyers and their clients can easily engage with each other without disrupting their daily commitments. With the use of WebRTC enabled video calling api, lawyers can eliminate huge travel expenses and instead focus on engaging with clients at the moment.

Also by investing in the best live video calling apps, you get multiple other benefits such as secure file sharing, reliable call recordings, and more. 

3. Education sector

Another sector that can benefit well from video chats is the education sector. It took a pandemic to witness the importance and impact of e-learning. 

Education was amongst those many sectors that believed in in-person engagements. While video chat is proving to offer the better virtual experience, the choice of using this platform reaps multiple benefits.

For instance, individuals who are looking to enhance their skills would prefer e-learning as it can help them learn and work better. Students who live in remote areas would find it convenient to still access information without having to travel long hours for school.

Video chat API providers can help you to build a live video chat app that enforces a good e-learning experience. They offer tons of benefits here such as conducting real-time discussions with unlimited groups and channels, access to students’ attendance reports, and much more. 

4. Human Resources sector

The human resource sector deals with multiple users each day. In order to find the right fit for the company, HRs conduct multiple interviews to capture the right people. While emails and phone calls are the standard processes, switching to video chats can offer several benefits.

For instance, with the use of video chats, HRs can easily understand who they are engaging with, study their body language, and have real communications. Apart from this HRs can also create live video calling apps to engage with the internal team instantly.

Also, for job postings being mentioned on the website, HRs can ditch the standard email us process and instead add video conferencing to the website to engage with anyone interested in the same. 

The use of video chat works well in the HR sector as real time communications can be restored better. While the use of technology is present, it is tools such as video chats that make it possible to have efficient communications. 

5. Behavioural Health sector

Behavioural health is similar to telemedicine but it deals with another category of healthcare professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, forensic, and more related ones. 

While you’re aware that those who suffer from mental health are hesitant to seek help, have you wondered what makes them take that step back?

The reason being they could feel judged or don’t prefer in-person engagements. Hence to cater to such patients, the use of video chats can help. 

Secure video chat apps can help healthcare professionals engage with such patients timely and easily have a follow up with them. It also gives such patients the opportunity to engage with doctors anytime at their convenience. However, you need to ensure that the video chats are secure.

It is suggested to invest in a video chat API solution as a few of them offer HIPAA compliant ( protects and safeguards patient information). For instance, using such a secure video chat platform, even forensic doctors can easily share information without the fear of data being seen by unauthorized users. 

6. Financial services sector

Lastly, the financial sector can also reap multiple benefits from the use of video chats. For instance with banking, everything can now be conducted digitally.

From transferring funds to creating a recurring deposit account, with the use of the banking digital app, these processes have become simpler. 

So when it comes to engagements, the financial sector can improve its customer delivery process with the use of video chats. 

Also, to eliminate traveling time and costs, video chat can be used to cater to needs quickly. Hence ensure that you’re using the best live video calling app to make this process more secure. 


And here’s the outlook you need to believe in the power of video chats. 

Did you know that while there are multiple live video call apps available in the market, building a live video chat app holds better value?

For instance, with the latter, you can easily add video conferencing to your website or anywhere else and boost engagements twice the number. 

To make this possible video chat APIs can help you. 

There are multiple video chat APIs available that offer to build the best video calling apps as per your requirements. They offer high-end security solutions as well as efficient features that can make building a live video chat app much better. 

So tell us, when do you plan to invest in one of these video chat API solutions?

Would you prefer investing in a live video call app or building or building a live video chat app as stated above?

By Anurag Rathod

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