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If you are investing in Google ads as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you need to have knowledge about Quality Score given by Google which factors into the ad rankings. A digital marketing company in Pune mentions that some components make up the Quality Score.

But Google does not openly state all the factors. ((It does, however, lists some of them in Google Ads such as – past performance of your ads, expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.)) The landing page experience plays a significant role in improving your Quality Score on Google.

Why Is Quality Score Important?  

The Quality Score determine the amount of money you be paying for the ad and the placement of your ad on the SERPs. Google Ads calculate your actual CPC (Cost Per Click) based on your bidding and your ad ranking. Ad ranking is derived from the Quality Score.

Therefore, if you have a Quality Score of 7 and above out of 10, you will end up paying less. According to a digital marketing agency in Pune, a Quality Score of fewer than five means Google will charge you through the nose for your targeted keywords and also will show your ad less because of its low quality.

Quality Score

How Does the Landing Page Affect the Quality Score?

Google wants to give its users relevant search results. It also wants them to have a good user experience when they click on the landing page. If the bounce rate from a landing page is high, Google will immediately demote the Quality Score, explained a digital marketing service in Pune.

What Factors Contribute to A Better Landing Page Experience?

Landing pages are the first impression of your visitors. We all know what they say about how it is vital that we make an excellent first impression as much as this is relevant in real life, it even more relevant in the virtual world because users have shorter attention spans and bounce off within 7 seconds if they do not find anything interesting.

●    Relevance

The first and most important Google Quality Score component is relevance. Your landing page needs to be relevant to the query raised by the user. If the user has searched for “Golf Clubs in Pune” and your landing page is about Golf Clubs in Mumbai, then Google deems it irrelevant, even though it is about golf clubs.

Google interprets search queries based on the context and intent of the user. Your landing page, according to a digital marketing company in Pune, needs to match to the questions and share relevant information with the user. Targeting the right keywords could assist in the relevance of the landing page.

●    Transparency

The landing page cannot have a sense of ambiguity around it. Whatever information is displayed, images and videos are uploaded need to be transparent. The message that your landing page gives to the reader has to have maximum clarity. It needs to be direct without any hidden factors.

●    Trustworthiness

This part is especially important, explained a digital marketing service in Pune, if your landing page is meant for lead generation or is the merchant center. In both these cases, the Quality Score calculation will add the trustworthiness factor.

Since the web is vulnerable to hacking and cyber theft, your landing page needs to be trustworthy for a potential customer to share their personal details with you. If Google’s Quality Scorecard determines that you haven’t taken the necessary precautions for safe banking, then it will reduce the score.

●    Ease of Navigation

When a customer comes to your landing page, its design needs to be simple and easy to understand. It should be easy to navigate from one product to another, or from one section to another. If the navigation is difficult or complicated, then the user may give up and bounce off. A minimalistic design works well for a landing page.

●    Engaging Content

Google aims to give its users the best user experience. It’s SERPs showcase the websites and ads that have aimed at giving their target audience a good user experience too. One of the most significant things about a landing page, said a digital marketing company in Pune, is the content you read when you get there.

Your landing page needs to be full of material that is relevant, interesting and engaging. The quality of the content determines how much time the reader will spend on your website. If the user is happy with the landing page content, then he is motivated to browse through the website. Google adds the time that a user spends on your website from the SERPs in its Quality Score checker.

The landing page of your website and the Google Quality Score calculation go hand in hand. If your landing page provides the user with clear and useful information, it will improve the Quality Score of your website.

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