How to Increase Website Search Traffic Without LinkBuilding?

Link building is a powerful SEO technique that helps to increase web traffic. When a link to your article, web page, video, etc. is placed on another website, it helps to rank your site higher and thus increases traffic. 

But, are there any other ways you can optimize your site and bring in more customers? Yes, there are, and we will discuss them in this article. 

Strategies to Increase Website Search Traffic Without LinkBuilding

Below are 6 strategies you can use to boost your site without link building. 

  • Cover latest topics
  • Quality content 
  • Work on better user experience 
  • Paid Ads
  • Video Optimization
  • Email Marketing 

Now let’s talk about each method and how it can help you generate traffic. 

Cover the Latest Topics

If you want to stay ahead, you need to stay updated and be the first to initiate something. That is where news comes in. When you offer the latest news that can create a buzz among users, you not only stand out but become an authority for that topic. 

When you are the first to cover a news article, your chances of ranking are higher and thus you gain more traffic and generate more leads. To find news that catches user attention you need to always stay up to date about what is happening and what topics you should target. 

If you are new to marketing and want great results for your website, hiring a marketer or seeking the assistance of an agency is a good idea. You can outsource web development and SEO services within or outside the country as needed

Quality Content 

We can never deny or ignore the importance of quality content. When a user visits a web page, unprofessional writing style, bad imagery and poor quality content can drive him away. 

Plus, the high bounce back rate is damaging from an SEO perspective as that gives a bad impression to search engines which might lower down your article. Google’s Panda algorithm punishes bad/low-quality websites therefore, make sure to work on the quality of your content. 

That will help your site rank higher and build a good reputation among readers. 

Also, writing in-depth is another way to gain more traffic. According to Moz 6% of searches on Google are for detailed articles. It has also been observed that once you rank you can observe a 10% increase in traffic. 

User Experience 

The articles, the blogs, the videos, images etc, all the work that you put into your site, is for the customer. From catching customer attention to making them carry out an action, the struggle always revolves around them. 

Therefore, working on user experience and making things easy for them is a crucial aspect of site optimization. Considering Google, they value customer satisfaction and check parameters like “long click” to see how happy the customer is. 

Long clicks mean when a user clicked a link and didn’t come back from the link to search for something else. If you can keep users hooked, google ranks you higher putting you in the focus. 

Paid Ads

While paid ads might seem expensive, they can actually work wonders at low cost. If you have a team of creators for your site, paying them is a long term endure which is costly in the long run. 

With ads you pay a relatively smaller cost and generate thousands of clicks. Also, with so many social media and advertising platforms, the options are endless. 

Facebook, instagram, snapchat are popular social media platforms that you can use for that matter. Facebook even offers analytics that help you in identifying your audience so you can target them specifically and save money.  

Video Optimization

Videos help with brand awareness, building connections and generating leads organically. According to WordStream, videos are shared 1200% more than image and text combined. That makes videos a powerful tool to maximize traffic! 

People consider videos easier to understand and consume. They prefer videos due to that ease and thus you should try video marketing if you want to grow into something huge.

As a beginner, you need to make a plan, consider the process thoroughly and then get started. You need to consider your audience and then make videos accordingly. Also, you need to post videos where your audience is present. 

That way your videos will hit the right mark and increase in popularity. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is considered one of the most efficient ways to gain customers, increase traffic and generate leads. Whenever you hear about marketing strategies, email marketing is mentioned there as it’s a vital technique. 

Through email marketing, you can connect to customers directly, promote products, market promotional sales, ask for feedback etc. That helps in building long term relationships and increase customer loyalty. 

You can ask customers to subscribe to your newsletters so they can stay updated, but make sure you offer them some value for their time. Otherwise you might lose customers who unsubscribe after finding the emails not worth it! 


In this article, we explored 6 ways one can increase traffic without the help of any link building. When you write content, make sure to cover the latest topics that create a buzz and be the first to cover them. 

Work on quality as that can help you build a better reputation among users and search engines. Consider user experience as well because that can lower your bounce back rate and help build better connections with your audience. 

Video optimization, paid ads and email marketing are also profitable ventures that you can incorporate in your marketing strategy. 

If you are new to marketing, we recommend hiring a marketer or seeking the assistance of an agency. You can outsource Web Development and SEO services within or outside the region based on your requirements.

Author Bio

Sarmad is an Outreach Manager at Ebridge, a software company. He looks after all the publications and outreach queries regarding business. Also, he has a passion to serve blogs with his expertise in the form of write ups.