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Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

The hydraulic universal testing machine, also known as a universal tester, tests machines or materials for their tensile and compressive strength.  The machine was referred to as a tensometer in the early days. Over the years, these devices have become more advanced and carry out various tests on materials, components, and structures. It is designed to test the ferrous materials, their tensile strength, and structural values. They are also used to test the capacity of the machine.

 Today, the Hydraulic universal testing machines find extensive use in the industrial and mining enterprise for quality inspection, bridge engineering, scientific research, and building materials. This is ideal experimental equipment that is used in colleges and universities in the mechanical laboratory.

The principle of hydraulic system 

The hydraulic system used in the universal testing machine works silently. The high-pressure pump supplies oil to the working cylinder with the help of the piston, the upper beam, and the platen. The upper jaw seat is pushed in the upper direction to test the sample and it’s tensile or compression. The tensile test takes place between the upper beam and the moving beam of the hydraulic universal testing machine. The compression test is carried out between the platen and the moving beam.

 The Components 

There are two main components of the Hydraulic universal testing machine, the Loading Unit, and the Control Unit. The Loading Unit takes care of loading and comprises of upper head, middle head, and lower head. The Upper crosshead is used for clamp testing from the top, while the Lower crosshead tests specimen from below. The table is used to place the specimen for the test. The Control Unit applies the load and records the data. A control valve is used to apply the load with the help of hydraulic pressure, which is released by the release valve.   The hydraulic universal testing machine creates the stress-strain diagram, and later the diagram is used to calculate yield strength, tensile strength, or total elongation based on a computer algorithm.

The latest hydraulic universal testing machines allow increased productivity and operator safety. Because of the interchangeable design, it is possible to accommodate a large range of specimen sizes. The design allows easier and faster loading and unloading of specimens. A Hydraulic operated wedge grip control system is mounted directly at the machine. A digital displacement transducer allows the best positioning and measuring accuracy when tolling for tension, compression, and other tests. These advanced features allow the customer to work comfortably with the hydraulic universal testing machine and with higher precision and efficient speed.

Look for a reputed and prime supplier of the hydraulic universal testing machine. After all, one has to be very accurate and precise when dealing with tensile and compression testing. Look for state-of-the-art design equipped with the latest evaluating software and hardware to fulfil the needs of even the most demanding requirement for tensile/ compression testing.

Compare hydraulic universal testing machine price quotes before you make the final decisions. Study the efficiency and reputation of the company in terms of meeting high-quality standards and fulfilling customer needs. What you should aim for is time-efficiency and cost-efficiency together that eliminate the need for any externally required third-party tests. Always search for the device that is a true standout piece of machinery, especially when it comes to testing tensile and compression. 

Today, industries are into manufacturing high related products or equipment for tensile and compression testing. These testing machines adhere to quality as per set standards and perform flawlessly. It is essential to keep the fatigue tests in mind as there can be loss of stiffness and vulnerability due to frequent usage of the hydraulic universal testing machine.

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