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The December birthstone Turquoise is loved for its excellent color. The kind of playfulness it adds to an outfit is extraordinary. One of the first gemstones to be mined, it is indeed pretty old and also very popular. The gemstone that adorned the crown of kings and pharaohs in the older times is now used in making gorgeous everyday and occasional worn bold jewelry pieces.

A Little Background

Turquoise was mined in 6000 BC in Egypt and 5000 BC in Persia. Found in shades blue, bluish-green, green, and yellowish-green, it is primarily opaque and has inclusions of the host rock, a web-like pattern of black or brown patches within the material. It’s not only beautiful to look at but also famous for being the luckiest of all the gemstones. It makes for fine jewelry that can be chosen for almost any occasion.

It is usually cut into cabochons, inlay, and carvings. There are so many ways to cherish and style a turquoise accessory and be noticed for your unique fashion taste.

Turquoise for Everyday Accessories: 

If you love to wear accessories every day, you can go for delicate and small pieces of turquoise pendants or rings. Turquoise earrings are the best choice for everyday jewelry. You can also go for Turquoise studs.

Turquoise for an Event/party:

The gemstone has a refreshing color that looks gorgeous with contrasting colors. You can also go for neutral color outfits against which the gemstone’s color grabs all the attention.

You can choose a sizeable chunky Turquoise necklace for a party. A little sparkle of diamonds added to the gemstone jewelry also works wonders. At Rananjay Exports, you can find an exclusive collection of statement jewelry pieces. Choose what works best for you.

You can also wear Turquoise cocktail earrings or a cocktail ring to a party and be the focus of the gathering.

Colors That go Well With Turquoise:

The gemstone looks gorgeous against a black dress. You can also go for a white or yellow dress to highlight gemstone jewelry.

Go for a Boho Look:

Turquoise is all for the boho looks. Find the right piece of jewelry and pair it with a typical boho look to get many compliments.

What Does The Gemstone Symbolize?

Turquoise is worn to bring good luck in life. Gemstone lovers carry it to interviews or important meetings. It is a crystal that brings hope and serenity. It will help you grow and be positive. It will protect you from danger and negativity. When you wear this gemstone jewelry, you will be able to deal with your past hurt feelings well.

Wearing Turquoise jewelry will help you develop psychic abilities and intuition. It is a purification stone and will alleviate the harmful effects of radio waves and pollutants on you. Not only this, it will help you open your heart and clear your thoughts. In addition, the crystal has anti-inflammatory effects that can cure cramps, stomach aches, and headaches.

As a symbol of abundance, the crystal will bring you wealth and prosperity. It will help you achieve your ambition. It will make you feel more motivated to convert your dreams into reality.

How to Wear Turquoise Jewelry?

It is advised that you keep the gemstone in close contact with your skin. As Turquoise works on the throat chakra and improves your communication, it is advised that you wear it near your throat if you want to work on your speech.

You can also wear Turquoise in the form of a ring or bracelet as it is considered lucky to wear. It will bring you happiness and prosperity.

You can gift this gemstone jewelry to Sagittarians and Capricorns. It can help Sagittarians to avoid being too direct or blunt in their communication. Nowadays, the Turquoise Engagement ring has also become a thing. Gone are the days when being proposed with a diamond was a woman’s fantasy. With changing times, the fashion taste is also changing. And when it comes to the wedding ring, one wants to do the unusual. So surprise your partner with a Turquoise ring if she loves to try new things.

Sources of The Gemstone

The crystal is mainly found in arid regions. It is mined in the USA ( Arizona and Nevada), China, Chile, Egypt, and Mexico.

Where to Buy Turquoise Jewelry at Affordable Rates?

As the gemstone has almost always remained in fashion, it has seen a great demand. Fashion lovers are so attracted to this ocean-colored beauty. Unfortunately, finding gemstone jewelry at cheap rates can be challenging. But I can suggest you a place where they sell genuine gemstone jewelry that too at affordable rates. At Rananjay Exports, you will find a wide variety of Turquoise jewelry, from classic to modern-day designs. They specialize in 925 sterling silver jewelry and are the best dealers in wholesale silver gemstone jewelry.

By Anurag Rathod

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