Here’s How to Turn Your Website into a Festive Wonderland

The holiday spirit shouldn’t stop right outside your front door. You decorate the rest of your home and spread holiday cheer with family and friends, so why not add your customers to the list too? If you’re looking to generate more sales, potentially gain new customers, and have an edge on the competition, then a festive website may be your answer this season.

At this point, you’re likely wondering why a festive website might be the key to your success. The simple answer is this: colors evoke emotional responses. Consider the ways the following colors make people feel:

  • Red: expertise, self-assurance, power
  • Green: sustainability, harmony, refreshment
  • Blue: trust, reflection, calm
  • Yellow: optimism, creativity, and friendliness
  • White: sophistication, simplicity, purity
  • Brown: reliability, support, comfort

By intelligently picking colors, you can create happy customers and drive conversions throughout the holiday season. When a new or existing customer enters your winter wonderland website, they should be filled with cheer. This might be all that it takes to gain a new, happy customer who feels welcomed with open arms to your site. 

Also, creating a great website can also help boost your customer lifetime value, which is extremely beneficial as customer acquisition is costly. In fact, acquiring a new customer costs 6 to 7 times more than retaining an existing one. The easiest and most effective way to keep customers coming back for more is to ensure customer satisfaction. 

But how exactly can you easily make your website into a festive playground? Here are some must-know ideas and tips.

  • Pick a theme. First, choose which holiday theme you’re going with. Some might pick the classic Christmas theme, while others wish to showcase Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Don’t want to pick a specific holiday? You can also choose to go with a non-denominational winter theme. 
  • Choose colors and fonts according to your theme. The next thing to do is to bring your theme to life. This will start with color and font choices. For example, a Christmas theme will need a red and green palette paired with creative or fancy lettering.
  • Add images and animations. Want to boost your theme even more? Consider adding pictures and animations that tie in with your selected theme. For example, a Kwanza theme might consider adding the candle (Mishumaa Sabaa) with flickering lights. A winter theme might have pictures of a snowy area, fireplace, or snowman.
  • Create more cheer with festive icons, buttons, and logos. Don’t forget to add some holiday cheer to the minor details, too! Icons, buttons, and symbols should all have some decoration that goes hand-in-hand with the overall theme. Customers will love the fact that the minor details were infused with the holiday cheer, too.

Getting into the holiday spirit is easy (and fun) and will boost business. So add a few festive elements or fully deck your website out with boughs of holly. Ready to give your website a festive makeover? It’s easier than you think. Follow the tips we outlined above, and consider downloading some of these free and easy-to-use joyful designs from RentSpree that will leave your website bursting with holiday cheer.