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Face skin is a more sensitive part that needs proper care and diet to keep it healthy. However, in cities like Canberra, the regular dirt, pollution, and sun rays might impact your skin harmfully. All these things result in acne, scars, and dark spots. You put every effort into making it look perfect. Sometimes, you may go for medications or sometimes therapies too.

You know it better that there can be some skin risks associated with the therapies like Botox, fillers, or chemical peels. So, always choose the best skin cancer clinic in Canberra to get great results.

After these treatments, you need to take care of your skin more than earlier as it becomes more sensitive.

Before focusing on the ways to take care of your skin, you must know how these treatments work. With this blog, we will tell you the ways to take care of your skin after treatments like Botox, peels, fillers, and other procedures. 

Therapies that you may go through and possible ways to skincare after treatments


1 Botox:

Botox is a skincare treatment that helps in reducing wrinkles and expression lines. This treatment blocks the nerve activity and then deadens the muscles for some time. When the muscle no longer bonds, the wrinkles, and lines of that area start to relax. If you are looking to get a Botox treatment in Canberra, you must visit botox in Canberra to get the best treatment from professionals.

Ways to care:

You can get back to your skincare routine soon. There can be some redness and bruising on your face, but these are easy to remove by applying ice to that area. After this treatment, you must avoid makeup for few hours. You can use botanical-based masks or gels to minimize the redness.

2 Filler:

Fillers help to restore the volume of your face. It comes in two categories, like hyaluronic acid ones for immediate and long-lasting results. Another one is bio-stimulatory fillers, which lead to new collagen. Both these treatments lead to better results. This filler gets injected into the lips, cheeks, and jawlines to restore the bulkiness or fullness by adding structures.

Ways to care:

For bruising and swelling, ice might be helpful for the first few days. Extra icing can help you for sure. You can apply Tylenol or Motrin for Headaches or pains at the area of the injection. Benadryl is more suitable for redness, welts, and itching.

3 Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels are acid-based peels that increase the rate at which the skin naturally sheds away. Peels work instantly and refresh the skin easily. It helps in removing the dead surface cells and improves the skin with the help of collagen. The acid used in the chemical peels is lactic and citric for light shedding. Glycolic acid helps to treat wrinkles, acids like salicylic treats acne and TCA for prominent pigmentation and the signs of aging.

Way to care:

You should avoid retinol or glycolic that contains vitamin C as it causes redness, flaking, or dryness. You can keep your skin hydrated and load up on peptides for better skin. Only you can take care of your skin acne, and pigment removal is the output of chemical peel.

4 Laser Therapy:

Laser therapy helps in treating wrinkles, textures, acne, or scars with the help of laser light. It also helps in restoring your skin texture. This method works by passing light over your skin surface that injures the skin to produce collagen. It removes the top layer of skin and tightens the deep layers inside.

Ways to care:

It can cause redness, swelling, scabbing sometimes and are normal side effects that often form. You can use cool squeezes and ice packs for reducing swelling and redness. Your skin may need healing, but you should peel off your skin on your own, give it some time to form the new skin.

Few more tips to protect your skin after Botox, Peels, and Other Procedures

1 Go for face exercise:

When you go for procedures like botox in Canberra, it relaxes your face nerves in the muscles around your face. To make this treatment work, you need to move your face after the treatment. You can do so by pout, smile, squint, and by raising your eyebrows. By doing these movements, you can help the injection to take hold.

2 Sun protection:

Sun is responsible for damaging the skin and making your wrinkles worse, not the results. That’s why always remember to cover your face by applying sunscreen or with a hat. It will help you to protect your skin from the sun. It’s better not to move out of your house on a bright day after the treatment.

3 Do Not Smoke:

Smoking can harm you if you go through any of the face treatments like botox or chemical peel. It can damage your skin cells and also cause premature aging. Without any damage from cigarettes, your skin will look smooth and clear.

4 Get back to your skincare routine:

Wash your face gently and apply lotion after a few days( at least a week) of the treatment. You can use the products like cleansers or moisturizers that you were using earlier. If your products improve your skin glow, then these products will give you better results.

5 Avoid other skin remedies

Well, any treatment needs some time to settle into your skin. So, if you have gone through the botox or peel, avoid skin treatments, such as:

  • Facials/ massages,
  • Face Scrub,
  • Dermal fillers

If you go through any of these treatments, the effect may not last long, and they may cause more side effects.


While going through any of the above procedures, you can notice some side effects such as redness, swelling, or scars. However, they do not last longer more than three or four days. If they last longer than that, you should get professional advice. You can visit the skin clinic in Canberra to avoid further side effects. As skin becomes more sensitive after these treatments, you must follow the physician’s prescriptions regularly.

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