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AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a dynamic and rapidly expanding corporation that provides cloud-based infrastructure to enterprises of all kinds. Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to giant corporations. Because of companies’ increased use of the platform, students now have a more excellent selection of work opportunities. How do you begin a career as an AWS Developer? Are you on the correct road to becoming an AWS developer?

Increasing numbers of IT workers consider AWS as a way to further their careers. A career shift to AWS necessitates a specific route and an understanding of why AWS is more valuable than traditional data storage methods. Compared to other IT talents or cloud computing services, the number of job posts associated with AWS continues to rise.

AWS as one of the top 10 most in-demand IT talents, and it’s no wonder, given the tremendous demand and high pay for AWS professionals. Your career in IT may take off immediately if you’ve got the necessary AWS skills and knowledge.

Let’s look at how to get started as an AWS developer and why getting an AWS certification is vital at the beginning of your professional journey. In addition, they’ll go through the various AWS Certifications and how they might help further your career. With the correct training and certification, you can now develop a successful career in AWS. There are several ways to become an AWS developer, and this blog will cover many of those.

What is the significance of AWS certifications in the AWS industry?

Amazon Web Services launched the certification program in 2013. These qualifications become one of the most valuable assets you may have in only three years if you want to advance in your career.

According to the IT Services and Income Survey, pay for AWS-certified IT workers increased by 10% in 2016. According to a review, one of the most lucrative qualifications you can get is an AWS Amazon certification.

Amazon has announced the development of a knowledge portal for aspirational AWS designers. According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant statement, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure facility is rated top in a class by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The brand-new certification and training site will make it easier for AWS designers to advance their careers by allowing them to register for exams through a straightforward dashboard.

Making an informed decision on which certifications to pursue:

1). AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certified Developer:

This certification is the newest entry-level certification available to demonstrate the candidate’s general knowledge of the AWS cloud platform. The certificate requires a minimum of six months of experience. Multiple-choice questions will be used throughout the 90-minute test. This is a “Foundational” certification that costs $100.

2). There are two ways to get an AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate:

For this certification, one must have prior expertise in developing or building distributed applications. This certification aims to verify that the applicant has the skills and knowledge necessary to create, manage, and deploy programs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS services and recommended practices were added to the guide in 2018. Multiple-choice questions make up the bulk of the exam, which lasts for 130 minutes. Under the “Associate” category, this certification costs 150 USD and is valid for two years.

3). Certified Solution Architect with Amazon Web Services (AWS-CSA):

Being a skilled solution architect, you should be able to evaluate complicated business demands and give architectural suggestions to create or deploy apps on the AWS platform. This certification test requires a high degree of technical skill and hands-on experience in creating AWS applications.

AWS Solution Architect Associate certification is required before attempting this one. It is recommended that you have at least two years of expertise in designing and implementing adequate AWS infrastructures. Multiple-choice questions will be asked during the whole 170 minutes of the test.

4). Accredited by Amazon Web Services (AWS):

High-end AWS applications are what this certification is all about. If you’re working in a corporate setting, you’ll need to be able to develop your code from the ground up and safely use apps. Multiple-choice questions will be used throughout the full 80-minute test. Under the “Associate” category, this certification costs 150 USD and is valid for two years.

5). Associate certification in AWS Systems Administration:

This is the only certification that is entirely focused on system administrators. Both technical and conceptual knowledge is needed to succeed in this career path. If you have the fundamental idea of LINUX/UNIX, then it might be a bonus for you. The test will continue for 80 minutes and comprises multiple-choice questions. Under the “Associate” category, this certification costs 150 USD and is valid for two years.

6). Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer:

App management on the AWS platform is the focus of this certification. Continuous Delivery (CD) and process automation are two of the exam’s primary emphasis areas. The ability to function effectively in a DevOps setting is an absolute necessity.

Aws sysops administrator associate certification is required before attempting this certification. In addition, you should be able to demonstrate that you have expertise in developing or managing apps on the AWS platform. Multiple-choice questions will be asked during the whole 170 minutes of the test. 


AWS Developer is a great job option due to the high demand and attractive salary. It will continue to be the cloud computing platform of choice for many years, and enterprises are in desperate need of cloud-savvy employees. Some of the top intuitions are offering AWS Online Training these days. 

AWS development is a great place to start a career because of the significant potential for advancement and the competitive compensation. The choice is entirely yours in this situation.

How to get started in AWS’ and how to get started in the AWS industry have been the most frequently searched terms on Google. I’m confident that you now have a comprehensive understanding of what a career in AWS entails, how to get started, and how to become an AWS developer.

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