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We know that everything is developing with the speed of the internet. In the similar manner the education system is also digitalised. Google is already a powerful tool in e-learning and thanks for developing Google Application for education. Now Google introduced a new education tool for e-learning Google Classroom. Google Classroom developed in may, 2014. With the help of this tool the communication between teacher and students becomes easier with Assignment help online. It helps in getting feedback from the students. In this article we studied what is Google Classroom and how to post assignment on google classroom. With the help of Google Classroom the learning management system becomes more effective and we can understand more understandable.

Introduction to Google Classroom

Blended learning platform for the e-learning.Google Classroom is a mixed learning stage for schools that intends to streamline making, conveying and reviewing tasks in a completely electronic organization. It was presented as a component of Google Apps for Education following its public delivery on August 12, 2014.

Google Classroom is a device in Google Apps that empowers educators to make and arrange tasks rapidly, give input productively, and effectively speak with their classes.

With Classroom, educators can:

1.Make and gather tasks: Classroom weaves together Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to assist educators with making and gathering tasks paperlessly. They can rapidly observe who has or hasn’t finished the work, and give immediate, constant input to singular understudies.

2.Improve class interchanges: Teachers can cause declarations, to pose inquiries and remarks with understudies in genuine time improving correspondence inside and outside of class.

3.Remain composed: Classroom naturally makes Drive organizers for every task and for every understudy. Understudies can without much of a stretch see what’s expected on their Assignments page.

4.Google Classroom ties a large number of Google’s items together to enable instructive organizations to change to a paperless training framework.

How To Post Assignment In Google Classroom

1. Download The App In Your Mobile

The absolute initial step is clearly to download the Google study hall application on your portable. You don’t have to freeze on the off chance that you have an iPhone as this application is accessible for the two androids and iOS. You can go to the play store and download it from that point.

2. Classwork

The progression is to pursue the application. Presently you have the application at that point click the class you need to enter.

At that point click on the Classwork so you can pick the task you need to submit.

From that point, click on the Assignment you need to submit.

In the event that you need to compose something to your task, at that point you can simply tap the content territory and begin composing, else you can legitimately present your task record.

Subsequent stage in how to submit tasks in Google homeroom on portable is to tap on the UP bolt choice accessible over the words your work and the work allocated. It will let you join records or photographs whatever your task is.

Presently you append the record you need to submit for your task basically by picking it from your versatile.

To append the record, you simply need to tap on the connect document and afterward select the record administrator to import the record along these lines. At that point you have to contact the document you need to connect. Along these lines, it will get joined.

In the wake of choosing or appending your document you are needed to tap on turn so as to submit it.

You can rehash the cycle for the same number of documents you need to append.

In the event that you are as yet confronting issues on the best way to submit tasks in Google study hall on portable at that point survey this progression again while performing it on your telephone.

3. Turn In

This is the main advance in how to submit tasks in Google homeroom on portable.

When the understudies are allocated an issue of task and due date for accommodation by the instructor then understudies can chip away at that task in the application just or can append some other record.

As we have talked about, you can approach simply peruse the task record given by the instructor or you can alter it as well in the event that you are permitted by the educator.

When you are finished with the task work then you join the documents, connections or pictures to your work. What’s more, when you have played out every single aspect of the task then you can turn in your task. It will be submitted.

In the event that you have submitted before the due date, at that point you can make changes to your tasks until the due date. As you have an alternative to present the task or roll out the improvements , alter the task and resubmit your task. In any case, these alternatives are accessible just before the due date.

4. Evaluations

The entire cycle and motivation behind figuring out how to submit tasks in Google homeroom on portable is to get passing marks and now the turn is for your instructor to give you reviews.

When you present your task, your educator will get the admittance to compose comments or notes on your work. He can likewise add the evaluations to your work and afterward can restore the task to you back with the input for your reference alongside the evaluations.

5. Audit

From that point you can check your evaluations. Furthermore, in the event that you work in Google drive, at that point you have one more alternative to recapture the alter access over your task. Accordingly the last advance for how to submit tasks in Google homeroom in versatile is to audit your task and grades after accommodation.


In the above article we discussed all about the google classroom. We also get the answer to all the questions about how it is useful in the education system and learning platform. In this pandemic situation Google Classroom is playing an important role in the communication between teacher and students. Now you will  never be never stuck on how to post assignment on Google Classroom. So this is all about google classroom.

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