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A strong SEO strategy can help you reach your business goals. Without proper SEO planning, you won’t be able to reach your target audience and ensure they read the content you’re creating for them. That means SEO can help you with raising brand awareness, selling new products, increasing website traffic, and so much more. And, one of the main elements of a great SEO strategy is writing killer meta descriptions.

Meta descriptions are those short pieces of content you see under page titles in the Google results page. It tells your potential customers more about your page and is there to convince them to click it. To make sure your meta descriptions are working for you and not against you, just keep reading.

Here are 7 best tips for writing effective meta descriptions for SEO.

1. Keep it Short

Your meta description will work better if it’s shorter. There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your meta descriptions up to 160 characters long:

  • the whole text will be displayed on the Google results page
  • easier to process and digest
  • more appealing
  • more effective

If you manage to fit the whole point into 160 characters or less, your readers will find your meta description much more useful and informative.

2. Sum Up Like a Pro

You want to make your meta description short, but you want to make it effective and informative. That means you need to learn how to sum up like a pro.

So, what is the main information you should include in your meta description? Let’s break it down:

  • what is your page about
  • what products do you offer
  • why should they chose you over your competitors
  • what will they learn/get/achieve by clicking your page

Simply put, sum up but give them a strong reason to click. Here’s a great example:

  • Are you looking for professional web designers to design your business website? Choose our professional web design services today, and get a monthly discount.

It short, simple, informative, and inviting.

3. Always Include a Keyword

Keywords are another essential aspect of your SEO strategy. You can’t create an effective meta description without including your main keyword.

Just think about the way your target audience is searching for information online.  They type those keywords into the search box. And, if they see it appear in the results, they’re more likely to click that page.

So, make sure to:

  • include a keyword
  • do it naturally
  • not overdo it with too many keywords

Let’s analyze the previous example and mark the keywords:

  • Are you looking for professional web designers to design your business website? Choose our professional web design services today, and get a monthly discount.

There are three long-tail keywords placed naturally, dominating the meta description. That’s the effect you want to make.

4. Make it About Your Customers

When your target audience and target customers read your meta descriptions, they need to feel like it was written just for them.

You need to make it speak to them and address them directly. This will boost the effect you want to achieve and make it more appealing.

Here’s how to do it:

  • address their pain points
  • offer them solutions
  • offer them tips and advice
  • ask them questions
  • include you & your as much as possible

Let’s compare:

  • Do you feel tense and stressed out? Visit our spa center, and treat yourself with a relaxing treatment you deserve.
  • Our spa center offers relaxing treatments for reducing tension & stress. Booking available online and in person.

The first example is speaking to the audience, while the second one is more distant and thus less effective.

5. Include a CTA

No meta description should be left without a strong CTA that will further enhance the message you’re trying to send.

That means that you need to finish off on a strong note and include a CTA that is:

  • direct
  • inviting
  • encouraging
  • motivating

Make sure it’s strong enough to make your readers click that page and learn more about what you have to say. Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Order your painting equipment today!
  • Shop our latest styles just a click away!
  • Hurry up and book your seat!

6. Speak Like Your Audience

Your meta descriptions are supposed to speak to your audience, we’ve already got that covered. However, that means that you need to speak like them, as well.

That means that you should use the language they’re using:

  • everyday vocabulary
  • simple sentences
  • nothing too formal, scholarly, or technical

Just make it easy to understand and simple to process. This way, you’re making your meta descriptions far more effective and appealing.

7. Proofread to Perfection

A single typo can ruin your credibility forever. Don’t allow any mistakes what so ever to find their way into your meta descriptions.

Instead, make sure to:

  • proofread everything
  • remove typos & grammar mistakes
  • edit several times

In case you need any help with proofreading your meta descriptions, check out these best academic writing companies. They can handle the whole editing process for you.

Final Thoughts

Writing killer meta descriptions should be one of your top SEO priorities. Learning how to do it can bring numerous benefits to you and your business.

Use the tips we’ve shared above to improve your strategy for writing effective meta descriptions for SEO.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.