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How many times have you encountered a brand speaking the same narrative as one of your very own? Brand voice isn’t any old concept and one way or the other we have all experienced it. For instance, if you’re watching a chocolate marketing campaign, you will see that the brand uses a list of words that speaks the same language as you may expect from any other chocolate brand. Same goes with t-shirts, joggers, cars, or any other type of product which is being abundantly sold online.

The idea is to loosen up on the narrative and speak in terms that will entice the target audience. But here’s the big question, how exactly can brand voice create the maximum effect on your target market or desired audience?

Introducing video marketing.

According to Hubspot more than 85% of the global audience prefer to consume video content rather than normal content. The number has gradually increased from 65% over the course of 5 years. And as per research, this number is effectively growing.

So how exactly are entrepreneurs capitalizing on video marketing to give their brand the perfect voice? Well here are a few strategies to assist.

What is Brand Voice?

In simpler terms, brand voice is the personality which your brand adopts while dictating its value to your customers. Just imagine, you’re at a symposium listening to a debate, but there’s one person among the debaters who stands out from the rest! He has this distinctive way of telling a story and selling himself, that you feel like this person is correct. At times, even though others may present strong logical reasons to contradict this person, they still might fail greatly because this person has a magical effect on the audience. Through his perfect story-telling and distinctive personality, people may find him a suitable candidate leaving an everlasting impression.

That’s exactly what brand voice is all about. In a world filled with competition, a brand voice gives your brand its unique personality.

So now that we know what brand voice is all about, let’s explore how brand voice can be implemented as part of your video marketing strategy.

Capitalizing on Video Streaming Platforms Correctly

People are already abundantly present online and watching a wide range of videos published on platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, Hulu, DailyMotion and other similar platforms. If viewers can seamlessly transition from watching their favorite content to well curated ads, there’s no chance that they will ever miss on responding to what they are seeing.

YouTube has become a safe haven for marketers. According to experts, the platform is capable of generating five times the profit then any other social media platform could. In fact, there are certain brands which have seen significant growth in their businesses by publishing brand videos on YouTube. The platform alone was enough to give a well deserved exposure to their product & services.

The average target market is always on the lookout for brands with whom they can seamlessly interact. YouTube is the place where you can bridge the gap.

Focus on Quality Content Rather than Quantity

Since videos have become the common buzzword in the digital stratosphere, it may sound quite tempting for individuals to jump right in and start marketing quality content. What people often fail to realize when jumping in with their video content is, people are already abundantly consuming video content related to your product or service. They want something unique with the capability to communicate your brand’s value with the audience.

As a business owner, your task is to cut through the noise and produce top-quality video content. Everything that you need to know about video formats & qualities can be summed up in this engaging article covered by HootSuite. One way to create engaging quality content is to make content that goes beyond orientation & pixels. After all, you may want to watch videos that can speak the language others understand. It should have its unique taste.

If you like your own content, you may give it a solid reason to stick with people.

Become a Creative Story-Teller

If you are planning to publish your video content on any of the video streaming platforms, then before you delve into hiring an animated video production house to create the perfect animated video for your business, try opting-in for a story-telling  approach. Storytelling has become quite the norm for major brands out there. Countless brands have realized that a direct marketing approach isn’t going to turn out to be fruitful for businesses anymore.

It’s why brands are now opting-in to become more humanized. One of the ways of doing it is by taking a creative story-telling approach. It helps brands to get well acquainted with the values and help promote the brand in the right direction. UWA Online states that 55% of customers who find themselves liking a certain brand’s storytelling are more likely to make purchases.

Believe it or not, but every sales proposition that you’re planning to embed in your video content can easily be shaped up in a story-telling narrative. All you need is a creative brand strategist, a visualizer and a thoughtful video editor to shape it all into reality. Whether you want to promote a product with discount offerings, or you’re planning to let people in on your brand’s values & propositions, a compelling story-telling video can do the job profoundly.

Every story-telling video has three components: engage, educate & energize. If you can interweave them in your video storylines, then you can definitely win big.

So there you go, here’s just about everything you need to learn about maximizing your brand’s voice with effective video marketing.

Are you interested in investing in video marketing to create a brand voice?

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By Anurag Rathod

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