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How to Gain Instagram Followers for Free

How to Gain Instagram Followers for Free

Regardless of whether it is a creator or a business, it is very common to operate an Instagram account. However, tracking the number of followers is actually not that easy, not to mention that everyone is owning an Instagram account nowadays, and the competition is becoming more and more competitive.

Do you have any idea in mind on how to increase your Instagram followers? Instagram is not only popular among young people, it actually has quite a number of users in the middle and high age groups as well, which actually is an adding point to businesses or brands by operating Instagram. The following are the top 3 effective methods to help you gain Instagram followers for free

1 Create Great Content with Expose That Can Attract the Audience

Good content needs to be seen, and advertising is the most direct to enhance the exposure. Of course, it’s not just that after finishing the content, just place the advertisements casually. When posting community content, it is necessary to plan subsequent advertising operations simultaneously to determine whether such content is suitable for IG advertising, and the targeted ethnic groups.

There is really a difference if there are advertisements involved. The following experiment can prove.

There is an IG account with less than 500 fans. A post that publishes pictures and texts of new products. Let’s name this as Test A, which is no advertisement, and Test B is with advertisement for 500 dollars.

The results of Test A: 730 views, 27 people browsed the business files, 1 person liked the images, and 1 follower gained. 

The results of Test B: 24,000 views, 560 people viewed the business files, 145 people liked it, and 16 followers gained.

Hence, from the test results of the two groups A and B, you can find that with good content and appropriate social advertising delivery, there is an opportunity for more people to join your Instagram account. If you need more tips, kindly visit

2 Use the Hashtag Wisely

Popularized hashtag increases natural search, personalized hashtag to strengthen your brand style. As everyone understands that the importance of a hashtag is essential. 

Needless to say, hashtags are not to hit what you think of. However, in order to use it strategically and give full play to the function of hashtags, you have to quickly increase content exposure.

Hashtags can be roughly divided into three types. One is “trend words”, which are familiar and commonly used words that everyone has been discussing recently; the second is “product-related words”, such as brand flagship products. The first and second type of hashtag is more specific; while the third type is “brand keyword”. 

3 Interact with Your Followers Through Online & Offline Activities

Just provide a little incentive to quickly increase your IG fans through organizing events, either online through live stream or physical activities. Perhaps events will cost some amount of money, but the effect is very obvious and beneficial.

For instance, I once assisted a brand in the fast-food industry during the past. In a physical event, set up a booth to promote joining the brand’s IG account. As long as you upload your event photos to IG and caption with hashtags on the spot, you can get a limited event gift. This event has successfully attracted more than 600 people to join the account on the same day. 

With the theme and activity mechanism set up, consumers have the opportunity to join and track all the latest news of the brand. A very great chance to expose the brand to the public. 


However, I still have to remind the readers that the three methods mentioned above are just an assist tool to help you in gaining Instagram followers. In order to see effective results, firstly you have to manage your content wisely. Your posts or IG stories have to be interesting and rich with content. Otherwise, it is difficult to attract fans to follow. Even if the fans are successfully increased, but the fans cannot be retained, it will be a waste of effort.

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