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Whether you want to expand your established business or need growth opportunities for your budding startup, joining hands with a partner site can help you accomplish your goals.

In its most basic form, a partner site can resell your solutions through its platform. But that’s not the only way an online partnership can support your business. From marketing your brand to expanding its network, a partner site can work in many forms to enhance your business in a tangible manner.

However, finding a partner site is not an easy feat. While there are many online portals available for this purpose, not all are trustworthy. Even when you find a reliable website that’s willing to enter a partnership agreement, a difference in your ethos, industry, or market can stop you from obtaining the results you want.

This makes the goal to find a partner site more challenging to achieve than it should be. If you pay attention to key points, you can discover the perfect partner sites to take your business to the next level. Here are a few tips on finding the right partner site for your business operations to help you through the process.

Look for Companies That Align With Your Goals

One of the foremost criteria of a reliable partner site is finding how closely its goals align with your business. This ensures that your business only attaches its name to websites that support your mission. This particular factor goes a long way in honing and maintaining a distinct image for your brand.

You can find this information by going through a company’s about page or even its homepage. Whenever you are sourcing partner sites over the web, check these pages to help you shortlist options that speak to your overall agenda. The activity takes a few minutes, but it allows you to find your ideal partner site.

For instance, take a look at the following core values from Undergrads. This South Carolina-based business provides employment opportunities to students and offers affordable moving services to local communities. By listing their goals, the company highlights itself as an ideal partner for those businesses that want to bring positive change to their customers and employees alike.

When you are looking for partner sites, keep this in mind. Make sure that you check for similar information on their website. This lets you rest assured that you are reaching out to businesses that share your values. In addition to preserving your brand image, this also makes it easier for you to harbor a long-term business relationship with the respective site.

Reach Out to Local Businesses

Perhaps the most significant advantage of partnering with a website comes from its expansive outreach. If you only offer solutions within your local area or want to extend your services to specific regions, you need to narrow down your target locations.

This calls for you to reach out to local businesses to find partners. Many of these businesses hold a profound status in their communities, whereas their audiences prefer others due to their proximity. Either way, these businesses can provide you with the exposure you want from a partner site.

In addition to enhancing your outreach across target regions, partnering with these sites also allows you to build your brand within specific areas. Even when you offer your solutions from a remote location, this approach can give you an edge over your competitors. This is especially true in this day and age where supporting local recommendations and partnerships get lauded as brand activism.

You can quickly search for local businesses in your target area and shortlist those sites that are related to your industry or goals. You can then reach out to these entities and extend your hand for a partnership.

Find Websites That Share Your Target Audience

Apart from the advantages of going local, you should also pay attention to the benefits of a market-specific approach. In this regard, looking into a niche or specialized industry website can work wonders for your exposure and outreach. For instance, if you operate your business in the culinary or restaurant industry, partnering with a food blog can send excited foodies your way. Similarly, if your business belongs to the tech industry, joining hands with an online retailer or reseller can be quite beneficial.

Since this approach broadens your horizons, it gives you plenty of options to select your partners. You have to ensure that the partner websites you are contacting have a sufficient following or brand affinity of their own, which could bring you the level of interest you need for your business.

Apart from gauging brand loyalty through social listening tools, you can determine these metrics by looking at the site’s social media outreach and audience engagement. Together, these statistics help you reach out to websites that hold their own in their respective segment and have the power to influence their visitors to use your solutions.

Whether you choose these websites as your affiliate, reseller, or marketing partner depends upon your discretion and business model. In any case, exploring these websites as a form of viral influencer marketing can bring you the results you aspire.

Craft an Engaging Pitch for Your Partnership

From local websites to influential platforms, these approaches allow you to find various sites that have the potential to make ideal partners for your business. But when you reach out to these sites, make sure that you have a coherent and engaging pitch for your partnership proposal. This ensures that you can strike the type of deal you want.

As long as your offering remains mutually beneficial for both you and the partner in question, you can ensure your network expands and reap the benefits of a growing organization.

Author Bio:

Jacob Dayan graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. He began his career as a financial analyst at Bear Stearns’ industry leading Financial Analytics and Structured Transactions group.

In 2010, he co-founded Community Tax LLC, a tax company dedicated to helping customers nationwide with tax resolution, tax preparation, bookkeeping and accounting services. As CEO of Community Tax, Jacob Dayan has assembled a strong team of attorney practitioners, CPAs and enrolled agents to deliver superior customer service and expected results.  

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